The Triumvirate 

crape myrtle petals in the street in front of my house

Name the three best days of your life, not counting having kids.

Jane from Out of the Rabbit Hole asked me that question. She also wants to know what all of you would say are your three best days so I invite you to write your own posts and provide a link here or you can answer in the comments below.

My three best days (I cannot talk about some of my good days, too risqué for some of you good people….):

1. Making an “A” on my first exam in medical school. (I really did belong there!)

2. The first time a patient said “thank you.” It was a great feeling, knowing I could make a difference for someone.

3. Standing inside Notre Dame in Paris when someone started playing the cathedral’s pipe organ. It was breathtakingly, achingly beautiful and felt as if it was the culmination of so many other beautiful and painful things I have seen and felt in my lifetime. If I had died right there, I would have been happy.

Your turn!

Also, is anyone else have WordPress wonkiness today?!??!??


110 thoughts on “The Triumvirate 

  1. It’s always been my dream to play a pipe organ so why not make a giant dream and want to play the one at the Notre Dame? I’ve never had a minute of training on such an instrument but I still want to go, just get familiar with the layout of a pipe organ, hit record and just start improvising.

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  2. Hmmmmm. They all involve travel.

    Climbing to the top of the Salisbury Craigs in Edinburgh at sunset where John proposed.

    Seeing my dad standing at the top of the cliff overlooking Omaha Beach in Normandy, where he’d always wanted to visit

    Dancing with my 7 year-old son Jacob in St. Marco’s Square in Venice (I wrote about that one here:

    Thanks for the mini-vacation, VD!

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      • I started out with strict portion control. I ate three healthy meals per day (no junk food) with appropriate carbs and protein. My snacks were fresh fruit/vegetables. I started out walking (10 minutes to 20 minutes at first) but when I reached 30 minutes, I stayed there. The weight came off slowly but the exercise reduced my stress. When I had lost 60 pounds, I found that I could run. I set a goal to try a marathon increasing my distances and made an attempt. I now run 8 miles daily with 15-20 on weekends (my long distances). I haven’t made my 26.2 miles yet but I am on track (will run a 1/2 marathon this fall) and I am signed up for the whole next spring. I love the long distances; keeps me sane.

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      • Wow. I’m impressed. I lost 40 lbs with healthy eating and exercise last summer and then I had gastric bypass in November. I’d lost and gained so much weight in the past, i decided I needed something more drastic. I’m also 50 years old and was getting scared,about dying before my small children were grown.

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  3. Wow, there are so many, but I’ll pick three non-child related things. Not in any order.
    1. Climbing to the top of a 14,280 ft mountain.
    2. Being told Im a cancer survivor by my oncologist.
    3. The day my memoir was published.

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  4. My three best days
    1. When I my total weight loss passed the 100lb mark and I fit into a US Size 8.
    2. When I ran 20 miles (I knew I could finish a marathon at that point).
    3. When my current love looked at me and politely asked for a kiss in front of the world (he’s just amazing); my heart stopped.

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  5. So many ones that I’ve been blessed with, and written about here on WP. But a few I’ve yet to mention.
    1. The day we quit our jobs, sold our home, and headed back to the east coast with no destination, 2 dogs and all our possessions in a U-Haul truck. We crossed the U.S. with a sense of freedom that we’ve never known, before or since. (It all worked out.)

    2. The time in NYC with my young adult children, ordering from a menu in Little Italy in a small place right out of the Godfather movie, and the waiter used the phrase “Fuhgettaboutit” ! ☺

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  6. 1. Spontaneously dancing with my husband in our bedroom.
    2. Watching the smile on my daughter’s face when she won the blue ribbon for horse jumping
    3. Swimming across the lake as a little girl and having my nana wrap me in a warm towel when I got to her house.

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  7. I seem to be having issues with my latest post as well. An odd, sharp drop in views and interaction compared to other posts around it. This is the second time in the last 3 weeks something like this has happened. I’m also not getting all comment notifications. Are these some of your issues as well?

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  8. There’ve been a few but I’d have to say: when I was playing the cello and kind of sort of mastered one of the Bach Suites. I wasn’t really that good but it thrilled me that I could play it. N.

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  9. The day we heard Daniel had a bone marrow match.
    Hearing I’d made the Irish team for the first time.
    Getting the all clear from a breast lump biopsy (a sister and three first cousins were not as lucky)

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  10. My wedding Day (Despite the pouring rain and a 45 min. power outage just as the ceremony was going to start)
    I’ve just discovered I can’t think of any others…Well isn’t that a

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  11. Let’s see. Not counting having kids or getting married, I guess my 3 best days would be: (1) the very first time I published a post on my daughter’s blog – I actually cried as I hugged her, and of course, part of that first best day was receiving my very first comment from a reader – someone actually read the silly thing, imagine that! (2) Any one of the days I brought home each of my puppies – nothing says lovin’ like a puppy! AND, wait for it …
    (3) telling my boss “It’s been fun” as I handed him the office keys and turned on my heel to walk out the door. That was the bestest ever!

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  12. Three days only?
    Met my husband 3/17/63 picked him up in NYC at the St Patrick’s Day Parade
    The birth of 2 sons, 5 grandchildren cried with such great love
    Our golden wedding anniversary 8/20/2016 (18 days but who is counting?)

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  14. No thinking required for this one. The first is the day the surgeon eradicated my wife’s cancer, the cancer all the other physicians said was inoperable (“Get your affairs in order.”).

    The other two would be when subsequent CT scans verified that she remains cancer free.

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  15. Having read all these mine feel a little pedestrian, but here goes: And of course there are many more.
    1. Passing my driving test first time – oh the freedom.
    2. Surviving Major surgery with the best possible outcome
    3. Deciding to take those dancing lessons I had always wanted, in my 60’s

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  16. Interesting answers that your getting. My three:
    1. Good: The evening I won three out of four awards for my theater production: Best Play, Best Director and Best Actor
    2. Better: The first night I moved into my house I bought on my own with just my two dogs (after divorce)
    3. Best: The night before my open heart surgery and the spiritual visitor I had and then waking up in ICU the next day….no surgery needed. NADA…I was absolutely fine.

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  17. Standing in Holy Roman Emperor King Charles IV’s hall at Hradcany Castle in Prague and thinking I was surrounded by 700 years of history.
    Skydiving – the first few seconds of free fall.
    Getting an ovation from a medical school class after a good lecture.

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  18. Not counting the kid stuff, I’d have to say a really amazing day was the day my husband and I – on a spur of the moment trip to Boston – decided to hit 3 museums in one day – the MIT Museum, the BMFA, and their science museum. We couldn’t do any of them the justice they deserved, but we made that day count!

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  19. Three things. That’s tough. Without giving it too much thought…
    1. The day I found out I was accepted to Stanford on a full scholarship.
    2. Mother’s Day 2009 when my son let me know my gift was that he was taking me to Australia to thank me for being a great mom! (Yeah, I cried and then could not wipe the smile off of my face!)
    3. The day the sale on my mobile home went through. I had bought it on my own and it was all mine.

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  20. Such a great question and I love your answers! (I haven’t noticed any WP wonkiness, but I’m not on all that frequently, so maybe I’m just lucky. 🙂 )

    My 3 best days:

    1. When the most handsome man I ever saw in my life saw me (really saw me), too–we’re together now 30 years after that electric moment!
    2. Having the Chair of my dissertation committee come out of the deliberations after my oral defense and say, “Congratulations, Dr. Lee!” I was a Ph.D. and no one could ever take that accomplishment away from me.
    3. Getting the proof copy of my first book in the mail. I had done it! I wrote a book, something I had set as a goal for myself as a little kid. And I was holding the proof of my goal in my hands.

    Each of these days/moments is so special because I have always been self-deprecating and “suffered” from rather low self-esteem. That I accomplished anything superior in life is rather amazing to me! 🙂

    This is a great idea for a blog post!

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  21. This is a good one and you really had some wonderful experiences.
    I’m not sure about best days but I have two that stand out in my memory.

    When my daughter passed Texas boards for veterinary medicine.
    When the trauma doctor saw me walk past the nursing station and called out to me “your son is going to make it and he’s going to be ok.” I’m not sure if his words were meant to soothe me or were what he somehow instinctively knew. But he was right. My son has some short term memory problems and goes to speech but I think by the end of the year he will be almost back to normal.

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  22. Back in the 70’s I left Rome and to arrive in Paris the day after the Pope had passed away (he passed away that night). I had already planned to visit Notre Dame that morning and when I arrived the organ was playing and a choir was singing. Surprisingly it was not crowded and the atmosphere was other-worldly. I felt so fortunate to not only get the chance to see the Sistine Chapel only days before it closed but then to witness the cathedral in all of its magnificent splendor honoring the Papal leader. There are simply no words to do the experience justice and the memory still gives me chills.

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  23. Notre Dame was one of my best experiences also, just sitting in the church feeling all the history of those that walked these same floors before me….it was a moving experience for sure…being able to say I am retired was a wonderful feeling…I am a lucky one and was able to retire in my 50’s….life just happened to work out that way…..when I made the last house payment and recieved the title to our home….pretty over whelming feeling of joy and pride….there are so many but that’s is a few with out adding child births and marriages….LOL

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  24. First time i jumped out of an airplane with a parachute on my back.
    A sunset on beach in Itapoam, Brazil.
    (Almost) every day in Paris. 😎 Sionce I’ve been here i happened ot pass twice by Notre Dame before six, when the bells peal and peal and sing and sing… 🤔😉😎

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