yellow flowers in a field in front of the Chicago Field Museum

It is strangely disconcerting, taking my kids around to places that have held so much power from my childhood. Their little feet where my little feet once stood, staring in awe.

The circle of life?

Somehow it feels as if I could maybe reach out and touch that little girl and tell her it is all going to be OK, there is a happy ending after all.

Except this isn’t the end. It seems more like a beginning. 

Or at the very least, starting over….


45 thoughts on “Wormholes

  1. I have found this type of experience holds less power for me than I expected it to. My kids are usually not impressed by the same things that impressed me, and I’m subject to the “everything looks smaller” phenomenon that happens when you’re an adult. So it’s been anticlimactic. That’s cathartic too in its own way.

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  2. So true. My home town is quite small in comparison to where we live and the atmosphere is very different. I feel like I have to very much balance the negative feelings I have when I go there with the unbiased view I want to try to offer them. It’s tough. Lovely post. πŸ’œ

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  3. Very,very powerful Victo – and so true. If I could add one small detail? Having sensed these moments various times in my past, and given them some thought, I suspect that it is not a circle but rather a spiral – same place, same circumstances , just a higher level of understanding. You are standing there as an observer and now you know and can communicate to the little one, where they can go.

    For instance this small girl is dwarfed by the huge tree she is peering at in wonderment. What is not clear to her – but is to you – is that in a few dozen years, it may very well be that grown girl who saves that tree for all the other girls after her.

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      • The spiral seems to match many complex human thoughts and behaviors. It also plays a fascinating part in the structure of the universe predicting perfectly the form of many natural phenomenon from the pattern on the surface of a pineapple to the shape of galaxies to the structure of the external human ear to the arrangement of mouse corneal epithelial cells(all Fibonnacci spirals). I have come to realize that if a set of complex circumstances requires a model it is worth trying a spiral – they often fit. πŸ˜€

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  5. Oh my! You have thought the same as me! So so precious. I then realize that in their precious life their childhood memories that they shall look back on will be the ones that I have the power to create. At that moment I turn to my eight year old son and say, “remember when you are older that I love you and I really did my best.”πŸ™€πŸ˜‚

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  6. What was it again? Oh Yes, ” But still, our place is kept and it will wait, ready for us to fill it, soon, or late. No star is ever lost we once have seen, we always can be what we might have been” Anyway, before we left Scotland, my wife and I bought Gold Scotrail Tickets, which allowed us to travel by train all over Scotland. I took my boys to Paisley Abbey, Dunfermline Abbey and Sweetheart Abbey , Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, Crookston Castle, Inverness and a host of other places associated with Scottish history. All places associated with my youth and with the early years of our marriage ( Fishing, Camping, hiking and so forth) Two years ago my oldest son went back and undertook “The Grand Tour” visiting most of the great cities of Europe, Morocco and, of course the UK. He visited places that we had taken him and sent me photographs of him being there. I think we lay the foundations and thereafter we become advisors, not builders. I don’t think this was a different beginning, I just think he wanted to perhaps touch the foundations before moving on to continue his journey.

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  7. What the West sees as a line, Hindus see as a wheel, the wheel of Life. I think we understand more about ourselves (as the kids we were) with our own children, particularly when they are little, in that period before 4-6, that is so determinant for the construction of the person, but the memories of which are mysteriously erased for 99% of the people. Or maybe not erased, but stored somewhere inaccessible. When is your oldest memory Victoire?

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