Silent testaments bear witness 

Missives from on high, holy and divine

Condemnation rains in the form of

Searing pains hitting at the flank 

Stoning innocents and sinful alike

Bloody piss is indiscriminate 

And burns like the angry hand 

Of a narcissistic lover

A hoarse whisper moans

This too shall pass…


45 thoughts on “Through

  1. Are they ever? We have a friend
    who used to get them often.
    His 1st attack rendered him
    writhing on our living room floor.
    Dumb ER sent him home??
    He was in the hospital the
    next day.
    Fortunately he never needed
    Agony beyond my imagination.

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  2. My Dad had kidney stones and he said they were very painful. The docs figured i would too, especially since I eat a whack of dairy. Never happened,so far. I gotta tell you though with the large number of gargoyles in your picture and the line about from on high, I really though it was about medieval stonings, Ha! It sorta fits.

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