Positional Vertigo

astrolabe at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago

Eternally bound
Lost direction
Now we are found
I’m not moving
Standing my ground
But there you are
Orbiting around
Heads are spinning
Making no sound…

You’re coming round.

We all fall down.




65 thoughts on “Positional Vertigo

  1. Ugh. That’s the worst feeling ever, and I hope never to have it again. Mine was caused by a depletion of Vitamin B-12 (due to a course of 6-MP), and I wound up being taken out of my house by ambulance. Now I get scared if I have even a momentary twinge of vertigo.

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  2. Fortunately for me, I’ve never experienced these symptoms. They sound totally debilitating for a while from what people are saying here. Your poem about it is brilliant! Your photo is pretty amazing, too. πŸ™‚

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  3. Yes, doctor you are a wonderful photographer, poet and writer. I have one thing to say. I’ve had BAD episodes of dizziness since my 20’s and as of 2 weeks ago this round has made me so tired and weak. Have to lie down for an hour and then get back up to do all my necessary chores. I hate this sh–. No real cause other than most likely allergies. I just endure and walk very carefully.

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  4. That must be terrible to have to experience. I’ve had it lightly a few times trucking and it was scary. Drivers have died that way -it is undetectable after the fact but having experienced it, I know it is true. One of the big issues trucking in mountainous terrain is being anal about keeping speed down when descending grades with loaded trucks. They will reach a speed over time wherein the brakes off-gas from overheating and lose all their braking power. Rookies will often try to judge speed and grade by looking at the surroundings. Humans are notoriously bad at such judgments as they are affected by light, size and distance to visible objects, etc. This is bad enough during the day but at night if there is fog or heavy precipitation, slight vertigo can make a driver think he is going up hill when he is actually going down. Even the feeling of speed decreasing occurs with the vertigo – it is critical to trust the instruments to warn of speed and such. Many die each year in runaway trucks – it is impossible to determine how many were caused by vertigo but I have had it bring me dangerously close to losing control.

    I was once descending a mountain going east as the sun was setting. The sky straight ahead of me was filled with high thunder clouds and clear behind me.It was dark where I was behind the mountain but the red setting sun was shining directly on the bottom of the clouds ahead – the whole sky was lit up as if I was in a helicopter flying over them and looking down at sunset. Suddenly my perspective flipped and up was down and down was up and do what i could, i could not get it back as i was driving. My stomach revolted and began to empty itself and I still had to stay on the road and keep my speed down as this mountain had hairpin 15 mph curves in succession. I survived but did a lot of damage to the truck – although I did keep it on the road. It was just an act of God that I lived as the sides of the road were 2,000 foot drops.

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