Wrapped Around My Finger

black and white wedding ring on hand

This is my wedding ring.

Pretty, isn’t it? (Ignore the wrinkly, dried out fingers from repeated hand washing… )

I wear it every day that I am out in public, but especially when I am at the clinic. The fact is, I have to wear something on that finger. Otherwise, I get all manner of awkward questions and comments. 

Here’s the thing that gives me special joy, though:

It’s fake!


Entirely fake.

I had a real ring that I used to wear (rather small and plain by comparison) but my kids stole/played with it when my back was turned while kneading pizza dough. They admit to taking it but swear they have no idea where it is now. Riiiight. I imagine it will resurface as a tiara for Barbie at some point. 

Could I have a “real” one? Sure. But why?

I don’t need a real diamond on my finger to feel loved and cherished. Everything else matters so much more.

Personally, I think it is silly that diamonds, a market that is artificially manipulated to inflate the price, are “forever”. That is a fairly recent invention and I refuse to pander to it. I am not going to spend that kind of money just for convention, particularly when my kids are probably going to try to pilfer this ring, too. I don’t judge others for their diamonds, I just don’t want to take part myself.

By the way, research shows that the more money you spend on your ring or on the wedding, the more likely it is that you will end up in divorce. All of those big diamonds on fingers I used to envy? Not on those fingers anymore. 

AND? I don’t get why you are given the big diamond when you agree to marry someone but when you actually sign your life away by doing the deed itself, you get the band with the tiny diamonds. That seems rather backwards. 

(Please note: All of that doesn’t mean I don’t like jewelry. In point of fact, I love jewelry. I adore it. All kinds. Please feel free to give me jewelry…)

Do I tell people it’s fake if they ooh and ahhhh over it? You betcha. I don’t want anyone thinking I am throwing away their copay on some bit of outrageous bling!


155 thoughts on “Wrapped Around My Finger

  1. I would be willing to bet that there are a great number of people who would think better of you if they thought the diamonds real. I know there have been studies done, I just forget where and about what, exactly, but since I’m typing this on the Internet, it must be true, right? Anyway… Even though people gripe about how doctors are overpaid (I don’t agree, I’m just reporting, and you know they do) they also want to think that *their* doctor is really good, and really good equates into rich, which equates into fancy rings. So, the reverse is true: Fancy ring must mean rich doctor which must mean good quality doctor and Eureka! I have the BEST DOCTOR EVER! πŸ™‚

    Or… I could just be cynical. Naaaaaah.

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