Too Hot


“Hey, Doc! You’ve lost weight. And you look glow-y…”

All day long yesterday, I heard this from patients. Over and over again. It felt weird because I’ve not really lost weight.

Much weight…

“What’s your secret?” one patient asked, then leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, “Are you in love?”

“Um, yes. Yes, I am in love.”

This is what love does to you.

That, or the stress from an EHR (electronic health record) change over looming ahead combined with hot flashes….

Take your pick.


64 thoughts on “Too Hot

  1. Bwahaha! Changing electronic systems can cause hot flashes in anyone. I worked in IT at a large retailer ( +1 billion revenue) and we dreaded it – we were paid to dread it. I don’t know if you have heard of our little national IT disaster – it has been kept low key but is huge. Some months ago our government payables office – kind of like your Treasury Dept – put in a new computer system called Phoenix. It crashed and crashed and crashed and finally went comatose. By this time all the thousands of links to it had been switched and there was no going back. With the entire resources of the Canadian nation at its beck and call, they were unable to resuscitate it. It is dead. Our government workers – 80,000 – have not been paid for many months and most are on the verge of bankruptcy. Our economy must have taken a huge hit. Anyone who the government owed funds to, has not been paid – including those moving funds across the border. They are giving a portion of owed funds to everyone this month but it may well be the new year before they are back on track. How’s that for hot flashes?

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  2. That is so cute. I am an HIM Professional in Canada and works as Data Analyst and I totally get how you feel about the changes in coding standards from time to time. Dealing with decision-makers, physicians and coders could get really colourful at times.

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      • It is painful sitting in meetings sometimes entertaining too when I pull out data and present to the different groups with their varied reactions. Everything has to be measured but then when the “measuring device” changes and doesn’t get implemented in a timely manner the reports can’t be an accurate representation of what’s really happening in the forefront. At first I felt responsible for the resulting numbers, now I kept telling myself “I’m only the bearer of the news, not to take their comments personally”.

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  3. Haha!! So true. Stress and hot flashes will easily contribute (or maybe push in the direction of weight gain). Love does help, too (and sex is exercise, right?!?). Feeling good on the inside is the catalyst to many lovely things. Thanks for the laugh! 💜

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  4. That’s a good one. Odd that folks thought you had lost weight. Stress makes the face look thinner, I think. 🙂 Anyhow, hot flashes are the pits and I still have them but not as severe as in the past. I took ERT until I was maybe 65 or so, can’t remember accurately. My family practice MD told me that some women have them until they die. I avoid sugar and certain foods to keep the hot flashes at bay. I hope yours will lessen in record time.

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  5. oh nooooo a change in your EHR…. arrrrggghhh run for the hills we have one pending for 2019…off McKesson to Epic… it will be big, very big. They are doing a smart thing by letting our ckinican have access to the Med Center all ready to get them used to it. We can document and read, but it will not be our record system for a while.

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  6. I like being told “you’ve lost weight” mainly because I have. I was 93kilo this time last year and have reduced to 81.7 at the weigh in before I went into hospital – where they weighed me again at 81.4 but then that after a overnight fast.

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  7. Reminds of my many manual labour jobs. After a while you get so used to the daily routines of lifting, tugging, pushing walking and moving things you can simply pick up something heavy and you manage without feeling the weight.

    Then people look at you as if you have been working out. Eh no, you work hard at your job and do not quit. Now I run around in a restaurant for about 50 hours a week.

    The gym dudes talk, I walk and they know it…

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