Guest Post: C. S. Boyack 

Mr. Boyack was one of the first bloggers I ran across on WordPress. Over the years I have come to appreciate his pithy wisdom, timely encouragement, AND most of all…  his Entertaining Stories

Thanks for inviting me to your blog again. I’m back with a second collection of short stories and micro-fiction, cleverly named The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack II.

 image1This is a collection of speculative fiction that includes aliens, monsters, ghosts and more. This time I leaned a bit more toward science fiction and paranormal, but there is one that might qualify as fantasy.
I wracked my brain trying to find a medical tie in, because Victo loves those. It’s kind of loose, but I may have found one. There is one story that involves a kind of poisoning, but it’s not something anyone would be looking for.
In an age of factory medicine, where someone sees a different specialist every time their condition worsens, what would be the odds that someone would test for something so far fetched?
This poison causes cancer, so there is no foaming at the mouth or immediate collapse to scrutinize. There is no emergency room visit. You can’t buy it at the corner store, and have to harvest it yourself, if you know where to find it.
There isn’t one person in a thousand that even knows what it is. Anyone who may have built a career in this field of study likely retired in the 1970s.
This is one of the only non-speculative stories in the collection, and it’s one of my favorites. Watch for the one called Practical Geology.
The whole collection is yours for 99¢. You get fifteen individual stories that can fill your lunch breaks and commuter train rides for a week or two. There is also a free sample of my latest novel The Playground.
To purchase, please head over here.

41 thoughts on “Guest Post: C. S. Boyack 

  1. Thanks for hosting Craig Victo. Scary premise for a story Craig, although it could be argued we are all poisoning ourselves gradually and in a way we might not look for, by destroying our planet. Sorry that was a bit heavy. Yey for the stories 🙂

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  2. I’ve read this book and it’s wonderful. I remember Practical Geology quite well. Like the rest of the stories in the book, it’s a treat for anyone who is looking for “entertaining stories.” Great job hosting Craig, Victo!

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