interior, cathedral in France, with stained glass
He closed his eyes, blocking out the shadow of her face until she was just a body in the dark. He needed for her to be someone else this time, someone with less power over him. 

Someone who could not touch him.

At the same time, she lay still and closed her eyes, feeling him move, willing for it to be someone else she felt instead. Someone who saw her for who she was and wanted her anyway.

They both made love to their shadow puppets and it was enough. 

For now.


54 thoughts on “Circular 

  1. I’d suggest that we can never really know another or get completely what we want/need from another….as is the nature of Lacan’s ideas of drive and desire, the real and the symbolic. We are all shadow puppets to each other, perhaps firstly to ourselves.

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  2. I do think this is the way for very many. How sad to live life this way. I do think there is happiness out there for everyone but many settle for less, or don’t know when they have it.
    Phew I think I’ll go give himself a quick hug.

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