Hilton hotel facade, Chicago
Another feeling 
Of deja vu… 
Been here many times
Before with you
Your taste on my lips, 
Your words of love
I prayed fervently
You were an aura, 
And nothing real
But the spiked wave forms 
Still broke on through 
Multiplied and grew
Convulsions knocked me 
Hard to the floor
I’ve no choice but to 
Writhe under your 
Electric, charged touch, 
Groaning for more
All while you watch
Memories clouded, 
Confused, and slow
Lying here alone 
Waiting for you to go 
No matter how far
Or hard I run, 
What drugs I take, 
How much I beg 
You will always 
Return for me
I’m the chosen one
Belonging to you
Or so you say, but
It isn’t me, you see
My very own  
Temporal lobe 


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