“I thought you were engaged?” I had caught sight of her bare finger.

“Yeah. Well. Not anymore.” She gave a noncommittal shrug. 

“Oh, no! I am so sorry.” I searched her face looking for clues as to whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. 

She smiled. 

I felt relieved.

“Honestly, I feel like I dodged a bullet, Doc.” She stared at me for a second gauging wether or not she should share the rest of the story, then shrugged again. “One day he tells me that he has sworn off carbs. No more bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. He gets mad if I cook anything with carbs.” She laughed. “I have always made bread. From scratch. Fresh homemade pesto for my pasta. Roasted herbed potatoes. I love carbs, for crying out loud! So I wait, thinking this is just a phase. Months pass. He makes comments about how much weight I will lose if I just give up those carbs.” She laughed again. “Then I realize, this isn’t about the carbs. It isn’t about him. It’s about me. He thinks I’m too fat!” 

“Ouch.” I could feel the sting of that realization. 

A torpedo to the heart. 

She nodded. “After I sat down and thought about it for a bit, I could not imagine giving up carbs. Not for him, anyway. I would rather be a bit more… voluptuous… and happy with my carbs, than skinny and starved for love with him.”



118 thoughts on “Torpedo

  1. It is not healthy to give up total carbs, even with diabetes…. she made a wise decision. But it is funny how people feel free to comment on girth in very passive aggressive ways. I think I have heard them all.

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  2. Being naturally thin isn’t indicative of self-starvation, any more than having a “voluptuous” figure is indicative of constant overeating and lack of exercise.

    Body-shaming goes both ways, no?

    I love my pizza, meat n’ taters, and rice pilaf – so don’t assume that I’m bulimic or anorexic, simply because I’m slender.

    People need to get over their assumptions.

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  3. A friend was wailed ng to her husband about her weight gain. He insisted he loved her just the way she was. She asked if he wouldn’t rather have a slim, beautiful wife and he protested, ” No, no! I want you.” Smart man.

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