Thursday Morning Thoughts

I have said it before and I will say it again, having two kids in the back seat while driving is a helluva lot more dangerous than texting.

In fact, there should be a law against it…


83 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Thoughts

  1. Aren’t you constantly threatening to dump them by the side of the road? I used to do this, only after the third time they stopped believing me. Then there was this Japanese couple who actually did it, and the kid wandered off and was found three days later in a forest hut…

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  2. They certainly are a diversion and I can really identify with the kids in the back seat of the car. At one point I got a babysitter in to stay with our children home when I went grocery shopping. It was a dangerous undertaking otherwise.

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  3. Brings back fond memories of when my three boys were small. 😱 There are some days I wonder how on earth we made it through. Thank goodness they they made it to adulthood unscathed because I was convinced they were gonna send me over the edge.πŸ˜‰ Love the angle of the buildings in the photo!

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      • Wow – it seems more and more difficult to stimulate the imagination in this new, technology-driven, “instant gratification” world!
        I used to stare out of the car windows at everything, letting my thoughts bounce from one thing to another…creating stories about the random things that I see.

        I still do, but it’s easier to do on a motorcycle! The helmet lets you see everything – and enables the ability to be alone with your thoughts…with or without a passenger.

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  4. It is all about research. Texting is measured by insurance companies in case of accidents. So is talking by cel. And since it is measured it comes out as a risk. Now, listening to the radio? Not measured. talking to your best friend? Not measured. Having an argument with your spouse? Nope… Therefore what is not measured is not a “risk”.

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