pink flower with raindrops

This part of the country has endured oppressive humidity and temperatures in the mid to high 90’s for months. Even last week running was miserable, despite doing it in the dark of night. It took me an hour in the air conditioning to stop sweating. 

Then BOOM! 

Rain. A cool front. 

This morning the air has a bit of a nip to it. 

No matter what kind of awfulness is going on around us, this kind of weather is like a healing salve. The Earth has a way of going on without us, in spite of us. In the grand scheme of the universe we are tiny specks who have no sway over the orbits of the planets or the brightness of the stars. The seasons will change whether we want them to or not.

Life will go on.

How’s that for a sappy, drippy post-debate post? 😊


72 thoughts on “Drippy

  1. I loved it! I’m waiting for that lovely cooler fall weather. But here I am, in shorts and a tank top, waiting. Lol! Good thing is, weather changes, and I know it will be cooler soon. There is hope! (in more ways than one!) πŸ™‚

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  2. The best part (aside from cooler weather for you) was that there was no election news in your post! That gets as old as the hot and humid weather. For the record I live in the northeast and we sweltered this summer (probably not as badly as you did). Some of our “feel” temps were in the 100s. This year broke records here.

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  3. Here in Canada we are enjoying the beautiful autumn colors and the falling leaves. It is a Wonder to us that someone like Donald Trump could even be a contender as president of the United States. In fact I can’t imagine him as a contender to even run a major corporation. You would think that the things he says would eliminate him from any competition at all, 6 time bankrupt, and unashamed at his bullying business approach.

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  4. Omphaloskepsis navel gazer.. used for meditation…. I had to Google it too… and found a picture of some dudes (three Greek Gods) staring downward, but I think they were looking lower at the weird bundle between their legs….. weird….

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  5. We’re enjoying the same soggy mess. I’ve been swimming in the rain. The debate? Watched about10 minutes and then switched to some saved Midsummer Murders. We know how we’ll vote and we’re not changing our minds.

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  6. When I left work this evening, I walked outside and said, “OH MY that’s pleasant!” to no one πŸ™‚ I took my jacket off and slid into my car and cracked my windows for the drive home. Fresh air. Below 80, with substantially lower humidity. Heaven.

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  7. I love living in L.A. but I do miss the change of seasons, especially the Fall. I also miss thunderstorms. I’d pay to sit on a front porch and watch a good thunderstorm. At least I have the beach here and that makes up for it all.

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