astrological sign, Leo


I knew who you were

And who you were not

Or so I thought

One hurt after another

Came and went

Injured pathways

Bridges burnt and bent

Now you stand as something greater

Yet somehow dearer

Unrecognizable to the eye

And yet still…

I would know your touch



48 thoughts on “Agnosia 

  1. I love the idea of never forgetting our loved one’s touch. I would also like to think that we would never forget the sound of their voice or the way they smell. I’m a hopeless romantic. 🙂 There is something very touching about this poem. I think it may be the sense of loss contained in the words.

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  2. “I knew who you were…or so I thought.”
    Last night my mother came over to visit. She had just been to see an old family friend, now 80. He’s physically healthy (for his age), but the pathways of his mind, if not injured, are beginning to shut down. He recognized her immediately and they had a nice visit. But he recognized her as herself long ago–the 20 year old woman he knew 60 years ago. In his mind he recognized her only as that woman, still dating an old and long-deceased friend of his, and he talked cheerfully about that. There are worse ways to lose one’s mind, but there is still a poignancy and sadness about it.
    Your wonderful poem reminds me to see the good in it. She brought back memories he’d stored away long ago and he was happy.

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  3. Really enjoyed this 🙂 Besides Agnosia, Hemispatial neglect also intrigued me at school. I hope to continue writing like you do as I go further on this journey to becoming a physician. Two years of med school down, and I know this is just the beginning 😅How has your experience been in the field so far?

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