Stolen Away

There was a beam of bright light emanating from under the bedroom door.

How curious… 

Please don’t let him be taken by aliens! Please don’t let him be taken by aliens! Please don’t let him be taken by aliens!

That’s how it starts in every movie, you know. The bright beam of light bursting forth from underneath the door….

In a panic, heart in my throat, I flung the door open.

No aliens.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

The lamp by his bed was turned on and he lay draped across the covers reading a book, completely and utterly engrossed. He did not even glance up. In fact, it did not appear that he had even heard me enter.

I know I should be mad. I should punish, him shouldn’t I? But I couldn’t. I just could not do it. I could not muster any anger. What I really wanted to do was jump up and down screaming for joy, giving him a high five followed by a fist bump, but that would send the wrong message, wouldn’t it? So instead I managed to maintain decorum as I insisted he go to sleep. 

My heart sang, though, as I tucked him in and kissed his cheek. I want my kids to love reading as much as I love it. Reading will help them through the inevitable tough times ahead, a means of escape. 

Secretly, I hope I catch him again tomorrow night….


76 thoughts on “Stolen Away

  1. That is so wonderful. My daughter loves to read and I remember her walking around reading a book and worrying she would fall down. šŸ™‚ I agree, loving to read does help you through life, and is often times, a much needed escape.

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  2. I loved to read at night, not always by permission. Sadly my four have no love for books at all, despite my reading to them and their seemingly happy memories of those stories. I’d love to go upstairs and catch one of them reading.

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  3. This post just made me smile like crazy. It’s so sweet.

    However, I will say that you probably shouldn’t “…jump up and down screaming for joy, giving him a high five followed by a fist bump…”. It might scare him away from reading. šŸ˜†

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  4. I loved catching her reading in the middle of the night. The love for books has always been a quality I love in people. My daughter still can read a book in 3 days round the clock! I’m happy there were no aliens šŸ™‚

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