We’ve lost Paul Curran, our master guest columnist and prolific comment-leaver

Whenever I made a post, I could count on Paul to have something to say. Most of the time, his comments were better than my posts. I am going to miss him something fierce. Rest In Peace, my friend.

Mark Bialczak

Those of us who’ve grown to love the lively words that bounced from the head and fingers of Paul Curran will never be the same.

The writer from Canada has died, according to his neighbor Steve Watson.

I received this email on the contact tab from my blog:

With great sadness I have to tell you that Paul Curran has passed away. Paul passed last week.

Our guest blogger, Paul Curran. Our guest blogger, Paul Curran.

Your Barrista -- Paul Curran Your Barrista — Paul Curran

Now Your Barrista – Paul Curran Now Your Barrista – Paul

A series of the column head shots Paul sent me since 2013 to just a month ago.

I found the email this morning. I arrived yesterday. Steve Watson was listed as the photographer in the If We Were Having Coffee Sunday column Paul had me post here on Sept. 11 after his emergency operation.

I could not find an obituary through search engines.

Paul lived in Ottawa, Ontario…

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29 thoughts on “We’ve lost Paul Curran, our master guest columnist and prolific comment-leaver

      • That’s a lovely thought. I don’t know how to put together a book, but would be more than happy to contribute. Any proceeds could be designated for cancer research and treatment.

        Of if that’s a little too ambitious, maybe we could finally set up Paul’s own blog, and just keep recycling his stories and comments. I bet that would get more readership than all of our blogs put together. We could maybe call it Paul’s Coffee Shoppe – I think he would have liked that.

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      • That’s an awesome idea. I could change “Julie NoBlog’s” Blog to Paul’s Coffee Shop. Julie is no longer in the blog world and Paul used that blog for his gravatar. I unfortunately wouldn’t be able to run it however. I don’t even run my own.

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      • I hear you Victo. Sorry to hear the news, but glad you were able to find out. I’m pretty sure, if I go suddenly, no one will know why.. (Mrs DM is not too prolific on the computer and would probably not know how to post anything)….I lost a fellow blogger friend 2 years ago to cancer, and was amazed @ how strongly I felt the loss (as much as any relative I’ve lost to date)

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      • Victo, I had suggested to Paul after his “disappearance” last year that it might be a good idea to let one of his friends or neighbors know how to get to one of us if something like that happened again. Apparently, he took that advice. Had his friend, Steve, not emailed Mark, we never would have known, we would have just thought he went missing again. I think it’s something we should all consider – having someone that can notify our blogging friends if we become ill and cannot post, or if something worse happens. Cordelia knows how to get onto my blog should it ever become necessary.

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  1. So sorry for your loss! I didn’t know him, but I understand how you can get so close to fellow bloggers that you haven’t ever met in person! It is the wonderful thing about blogging and the painful thing as well!

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