campfire at night
I made my list and I checked it twice. 

Three times, in fact. 

When I pulled out of the driveway, I did so with confidence that everything important was packed and loaded up in the back.

It was not until the next morning back at the campsite, as I was preparing to wash the 10K of sweat off of my body, that I realized I had not packed clean panties.


And eeeeewwwww.

Figured. My brain was mush after a full week of the new electronic health record. Hence the list. And the double checking. There was nowhere nearby to get new ones and no one to borrow from. I was just gonna have to suck it up. Maybe some hand washing. Still, soggy underwear? Ick.

Three days later….

As I was packing everything up I found where my kids stashed them when I wasn’t looking looking.

At least we had the food and toothbrushes.

Meanwhile, those stinky underwear? 



84 thoughts on “Burned

  1. I did that with my phone this morning. Remember lunch, snacks, car keys and bag, left phone on the recliner. Not nearly as disastrous as forgetting panties. She may have need to just go without. And by that time, the campfire is the best place for them.

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  2. Thanks for the chuckle, Victo. I’ve forgotten lots of things when packing, but never clean underwear. Guess my mother’s warning that “you wouldn’t want the nurses to see you in dirty underwear after an accident” really sank in.

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  3. I am truly the world’s worst packer. Every time we go away I wonder what major item I’ve left behind. Once on a beach vacation I forgot a swim suit. I have forgotten shirts, socks, shoes. But never underwear. It goes in first, and there are always extras stashed everywhere. It’s a leftover habit from when I had greater problems than now.

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  4. When I was a kid, I joined Brownies because I wanted to go camping… They didn’t camp until Juniors. I toughed it out for three years, putting up with stupid songs and crafts like sewing the most uncomfortable “sit-upon” out of stick-to-your-legs vinyl and harder-than-just sitting-on-the-ground newspapers. I was so jealous of my sister, who was two years older than me, and her camping trips.

    Finally, fourth grade – I was “old enough” to move up to Juniors. Meetings were pure torture, with more administrative crap and sell! sell! sell! calendars and cookies. So much work for that camping trip, but it would all be worth it, right?

    Yeah. “Camping” was in tents that were built into some sort of cabin thing. It was just as painfully boring and inconvenient as any meeting… we made macaroni-letters-on-bark-tied-to-string necklaces, got up at the a$$-crack of pre-dawn every day to raise the flag, sat around (we didn’t make sit-upons that year) in fire-ant filled dirt piles while someone attempted to show us how to light a fire without matches – except they couldn’t do it. Showers? Cold water.

    But the kicker than I never told anyone, was that I forgot to pack underwear. NOT good. Oh, and I was wearing uncomfortable 1980s weave polyester pants that would not have worked with “going commando” even if it had occurred to me to do so.

    I came home from that camping trip somewhat jaded. The next day, I finally quit Girl Scouts. My older sister quit too… turns out she, too, hated Girl Scouts, but had never thought to quit until I did…

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  5. Underwear and socks are always packed first. I do tend to forget other things like handkerchiefs. However, since I am staying in town and not a campsite I generally have to buy some. Now you cannot buy a single one, you have to buy a box or packet of six, so now there are partly opened boxes of handkerchiefs in a drawer in my room and I think there are at least two packets permanently in my case. I do not forget my phone – but I have forgotten to put the charger in the case – which is just as bad.

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  6. Do like men do and turn them inside out… I would have done the fire thing as I learned with wilderness camping. The worse thing is to have your period when camping. I won;t go into that idea.

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  7. I heard a comedian say once. “Why do people camp? I have a job so I don’t have to sleep in a tent.” I think like him..lol
    At home or a hotel I have electricity, running water and at very least a way to easier wash and dry my britches. 😉
    Hope you had fun despite the missing wares.

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