I had not seen a certain pair of gold earrings for a couple of weeks. They were a gift and very dear to me, but I’ll be danged if I could find them anywhere, no matter how hard I looked.

You know how it is, when lost things have a sentimental value beyond their monetary value. It eats at you, day and night and night and day.

Last night, somewhere in that semiwakeful stage between one dream and the next, I thought about the last time I wore them, the night I was given another pair of earrings. I was in a hotel, eating dinner from room service. 

That was when it hit me. 

I sat bold upright in bed. 

They had to be in the box the other earrings had come in. Surely that is what I would do, putting the old earrings in the new box after I put the new pair on.

My heart sank. I must have thrown away that box. I threw away a box just like it a couple of weeks ago. It was long gone to the landfill, I was certain.

It made me rather sad.

BUT, by a strange turn of events, the gift bag I had put that box back in, that had held other gifts, was beside my bed. I could reach in there to check, couldn’t I? Yet if I did and confirmed that it really was gone, I would feel even more lost. So instead I lay there in bed, willing myself to go back to sleep. That never, ever works, does it? Why do we even try? Finally, I just gave up and dug through the bag.

Please, please let them be there…

Ah, HA!

I held them up victorious, admiring the golden shine in the moonlight. Peace at last.

So there it is. At 2AM, I found the missing earrings and lost several hours of sleep.


96 thoughts on “Earrings

  1. So glad you found them. In our Great Sort Out, a precious gift got sent to the charity shop by mistake. It wasn’t realised until several week later. It still hurts to think of my carelessness and laziness in not checking the storage boxes more thoroughly.

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  2. Oh I feel your (former) pain! I lost my wedding ring and 2 more some years back… guests clearing up after a party must have swept them from behind the knife block into the bin, and before I realised they were gone, they actually WERE in the landfill. Somewhere. To add insult to injury, insurance refused to pay out on account of my not filing a police report. Weasels… I am so pleased you found your treasures, Doc!


  3. You’re lucky. I share a home with Polly — a mischievous pooka who just loves to hide things. Eventually, if you ask nicely, Polly will return said items — usually right behind you on top of all the stuff you’d shifted around looking for it.

    It can get very frustrating at times…

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  4. I’m glad that such sentimental objects weren’t lost forever. When I was a young woman, I had in my purse a turquoise ring that I had worn as a toddler. My mother had mailed the ring to me wrapped in an entire box of Kleenex! I don’t know why I carried that ring around with me, but it made me feel better somehow. Until the day my purse was stolen from my office, and that ring was gone. It was bad enough to lose that part of my childhood, but I also felt like I had betrayed my mother.

    PS: Now that you’ve found your earrings, could you maybe come over and help me find that credit card I lost somewhere in my house a couple of weeks ago?

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      • Yep. And I’m pretty sure the last time I saw it was at home when I purchased something online. I waited a week or so, checked my purse 50 thousand times, looked under and behind the computer desk and in all the drawers, and checked the pockets of every pair of pants and every coat I own, just in case I had used it while outside the house. It never did show up so I had to cancel it and get another one sent to me. The new one came yesterday. I’m pretty sure the old one will now show up this weekend.

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  5. It was a relief to read that the earrings were found. I know the feeling because I am always losing things and sometime I find the missing items and sometimes not. It’s pure hell to lose things. Just wait until you are old. Things will get lost and it’ll drive you crazy. πŸ™‚

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  6. No matter the loss of sleep, you found something that is dear to you. That’s gives satisfaction and pleasure. There’s not enough of that for most of us, so the little sleep we lose to gain it, is definitely worth it! Enjoy.

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  7. I’m glad you found them – and what’s a few hours of sleep, compared to jewellery that we care about? It’s happened both to myself and others I know that jewellery disappears, and we give up on searching, and then (sometimes weeks/months later), they do appear again. Those are happy moments!

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  8. glad you found them I still haven’t found my engagement ring. I don’t wear it but was hoping to get the diamond in it along with my diamond wedding earrings to make something special for my 3 kids. We’ve moved house and I’ve looked everywhere..

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