I gave my daughter the Lime Chiffon doll that I played with as a kid. Lime Chiffon was friends with Strawberry Shortcake, and the only doll out of that collection I ever received. Remarkably, it still has its pink shoes and green and white striped stockings still intact. My daughter carries it around with her everywhere. To the mall, to church, to the opera….

A doll that is about 35 years old.

You know what is depressing about that? A mere toy, a plastic doll for crying out loud, has held up better than I have. Just when I think I am at peace with the whole aging thing, a toy reminds me just how old I am and that I am not going to get any younger.

Would you judge me harshly for wanting to scream, “You bitch!” at the doll?


Well, I didn’t do it. But I sure did want to.

I have some consolation, however: The doll is not likely to survive the love of this new little girl. Not for long anyway. 


(Death to the plastic toy!!!!! I will have my revenge…)

Now, back to the opera. Did you roll your eyes when I threw that into the opening paragraph? Did you think I was trying to be snooty? Let me say a few words about that…

I love the opera. It is a fantastic place for people watching. Generally an opera is good for a couple of entertaining scenes. The rest of the time it would be boring as hell except that the people in attendance are so much fun. I love the people who attend operas!

My kids know that mommy attends the opera from time to time and that she really dresses up for it so it holds some mystique for them. There happens to be a series of operas put on for kids so I took mine for the first time this weekend. I wasn’t sure what they would think but it thrills me to no end that I can give my kids cool experiences like that. What kind of person would I have grown up to be had I been able to go to the opera as a kid?

Um, don’t answer that…

Fortunately, this opera was only 30 minutes long. These people are not fools. They know you cannot hold a kid’s attention on opera for much longer. Bless them for that.

What did my kids think? 

They said they loved it. But turns out, it wasn’t the opera itself that they loved. Oh, no. It was the chandelier going up into the ceiling before the performance that was so frickin’ awesome. That, and the fact that we spent the entire morning of singing everything in “opera”.

Life. Life is a perpetual lesson in humility. Once you have learned that lesson, you die.

Happy Monday. 


84 thoughts on “Frolicking

  1. Oh I love the simplicity of your kids loving the retracting chandelier! Priceless. And as for the age thing? It all catches us with us. I remember bouncing my nephew on my knee when he was a few weeks old. Such joy at being an Aunty for the first time. He’s almost 50 now……… how did that happen???????

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  2. Trying to wrap my head around opera for kids. ??? Of course, the atmosphere is what they’d remember. Me, too. I was a teenager at the Met (NYC), seeing “Tosca”, I’m still not sure what it was all about…but the ambience, the elegance, the pretty people…so memorable. ☺ Good Luck with that doll. Strawberry Shortcake…I still have the videos !

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  3. Your children are adventurous just like their mother.
    Please know there are old ladies twice your
    age reading this! πŸ™‚
    Teaching by example is the best way to
    learn. My sons who are older than you
    learned to love reading & music from
    me. I am so glad you are taking
    the time to teach them what you
    You will never regret this Victo

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  4. 30 minutes! What kind of half-assed opera is that?! I go to tons of theater but opera doesn’t do it for me. My bride and I tried a mini-subscription to the New York City Opera one season. Three operas. Popular ones. We found them long and insufferable, exacerbated by the fact we don’t speak Italian or German.

    Now, Shakespeare. Give me three hours of that anytime.

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    • At first I was angry. I paid THAT for 30 minutes?!?!?!!? I got them dressed up and dragged them here for a mere 30 minute performance? But then, after I had to keep them from jumping into the orchestra pit for the 30 minutes leading up showtime, I was grateful, oh so very grateful…


  5. I hate to admit I had to go back and look for the word opera. My two sons were in an opera through the boys choir they were in. Carmen. They were the street boys imitating the French soldiers. We were so proud. Once and done. They never sang opera again. But they’ll always have that memory. Sorry about that young thing of a doll. I’ll bet you look pretty dang good all dolled up for the opera. Take that plastic doll. And she can’t sing.

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  6. I think you need to apply a different idea of plastic to Lime Chiffon. There are too damned many spray tans and enhancements in this world. They create the illusion of holding up better than you. I’d rather age mentally as well as externally than struggle to hold onto my twenties. Some plastic people stay mentally in their twenties too.

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  7. The things we expose our children to that we wish we had been!!

    Having said that, opera wouldn’t be on my list πŸ˜‰ … Been there, done that, fell asleep each time. Hmmmm – maybe I’ve missed the obvious as a way to deal with my occasional insomnia πŸ˜‰

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  8. I laughed out loud about the bitchy, ageless doll and the frickin’ awesome chandelier. I don’t think my boys would’ve sat through an opera as kids (not even 30 minutes) unless it had trains in it, and they know mommy wouldn’t have either!

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  9. My Uncle was a stage director and manager for the opera for many years. As a kid I would go “help.” I remember painting some props for it. Because of his job we often had the opportunity to go to the opera free of charge. I liked it quite a bit both as a kid and as an adult.
    On a funny note after I was married, Hubby (begrudgingly) and I went to the opera with my parents. (Shudder) Anyway. Hubby bitched through the whole thing about being bored, and when’s it going to be over…It almost goes without saying he has never gone again, nor would I ever take him again.
    Even funnier is my controlling abusive father is not used to people telling it like it is and not being afraid of him. You should have seen him with my Hubby…I don’t know which was more entertaining that or the opera. It was Romeo and Juliet.
    You are not old!

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  10. Yesterday, when in one of my erratic downsizing hours, I came across a Strawberry Shortcake comforter. My 40-year old daughter declined to take it off my hands. Any takers?

    I took my kids to musical theatre early and so my grands have been too. Luckily(?) no opera near any of us. But my son was a child in PEI’s summer production of Anne of Green Gables, The Musical, for three years at the age of 9, 10, and 12.

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  11. The fact that allow the strawberry short cake collection, after 40 years STILL are scented scares me a little!!!!! And their hair still looks good except for I think Lemon? The yellow curly haired one is a friz ball now. I think in a 100 years people will still discover a surviving doll from these collections to remind us they will live forever and we just get older.

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  12. funny-when I found out about the doll-I thought she is sooo young! haha! I liked this post and the opera story is funny- I had my children fall asleep with classical music-paid big bucks for a symphony performance and they were asleep in 10 minutes!!! loved this!

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  13. When I think of the dolls/toys that my parent bought me and the musical events I went with them many decades ago, it is the how they tried to made me happy and the wonderful time I had. πŸ™‚

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  14. You reminded me of my Strawberry Shortcake collection. My father went out on Black Friday that year just when those crazy fights started happening. Now it’s so commonplace, but at the time my father came home pale, tired AND triumphant. Somehow he fought off crowds of crazed shoppers to get three of the characters for me–he didn’t even wait till Christmas to tell me–he was so damned proud of himself for pushing and shoving to get the dolls. My mother laughed at him for days.

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  15. Happy MOnday back at you, Victoire. (I sometimes wonder whether I will ever call you by your real name. Doesn’t matter) I know those dolls. Daughter #1 had one. The smell of strawberry was so strong we couldn’t take it with us on car trips.
    Now, age? Dear youngun, you still have time to worry about that. πŸ™‚

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