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I hate CME.

No, that isn’t true. Not entirely. I love learning. I adore it, in fact, so I like a lot of the continuing medical education (CME) that I end up doing. BUT I hate, nay loath, the maintenance of certification hoops that I have to jump through in order to maintain my Family Practice board certification. 

Every year I say I will start it early, I won’t wait until the last minute. But what happens? I wake up one morning and realize it’s now crunch time. I can no longer simply say, “I can do it tomorrow.” Oh, no. There IS no more tomorrow left.

Crunch time also happens to hit during the holidays AND the busy time at work when everyone is trying to get their physicals in before their deductibles start over again or falling ill to all manner of miserable communicable diseases. And then there is that pesky new EHR. I’d like to meet the person who thought October would be a fine time to introduce a new electronic health record. Why not the spring when it is slow, hmmmm? Instead, they must capitalize on the misery and my tendencies toward procrastination…

I just want to beat my head against the wall. My tolerance for this kind of stuff has gotten worse with all of the other stupid crap I have to do for my job and for Medicare. Let’s just dump tons more crap on the doctors, why don’t we? Turns me crabby!

Hell, I cannot even keep up on blogging. If I missed your post, I’m so sorry. I cannot see my real life friends. My kids are lucky they have another parent involved in their lives because some days it feels like I am dead to them. Yesterday I only ate some nuts and an apple all day. Good thing I didn’t get to drink any fluids aside from my morning coffee because I didn’t have time to stop and pee anyways. 

The reality is that medicine is complex and changing every day. Gone are the days of merely treating a heart attack with a prayer and an aspirin. We have to work hard to stay current. But answering questions on pain management that have not been edited since 2007 to prove that I deserve to be board certified is such a friggin’ waste of time when there are other, more important things I need to be doing… like moving to Canada!

This rant is brought to you by the U.S. Election Day, 2016… and by board approved “knowledge assessments”!


77 thoughts on “Starvation

  1. Ha! I so hear you. The state regulations for homecare went crazy a few years back, so we now need federal background checks, credit checks, and endless ce credits. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were actually interesting or useful. Of course each of those ce credits cost money, as does every other bit of red tape.

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  2. If it makes you feel any better, that was a fabulous rant. I was having a bad day myself, but your venting has cheered me up a bit. I’ve got a huge bar of chocolate under my desk, the next three squares I shall eat on your behalf!

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  3. You’re welcome to stay here. Although I don’t know how much better Canada is or the medical world here…lol
    Not to mention Northern AB is not the place get a break. Maybe Jasper or Banff where there’s mountains and peace.

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  4. Exciting times! The new American inspired EPAS – Enterprise Patient Administration System, which doctors have complained about since it was forced introduced by the State Government – crashed across the major hospitals throwing into chaos before it was sorted out and back on line. Fortunately there was no major disasters and patients were “safe”but it justfies the complaints made all year by most doctors “it’s clunky and slow” So far it has cost $422 million to introduce – a 100% budget blowout ( should have cost $200 Million) Still, never mind – we’ll just borrow some more money.

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  5. All I can do is nod my head in agreement and offer you a hug. (((hug)))
    CE’s are a pain but as an educator, I think it is important…. and why is it that RNs do not have to recert other than with infection control. My license is the last bastion of teaching licenses that once you got it, you were done. NO CE’s requirements once you have your Master’s and the permanent license. They do not even issue them anymore.

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  6. I’m wondering what you would say to a patient who told you, “Yesterday I only ate some nuts and an apple all day. Good thing I didn’t get to drink any fluids aside from my morning coffee because I didn’t have time to stop and pee anyways.”

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  7. hehehe I hear you too .. I love to learn We have to come up with 40 points each year..ummm not only that now I made it compulsory that you have to have a learning plan that you adhere to every year. So you can’t just learn what you like? It has to be relevant.
    Me ? I love cardiology yet I can’t do that year in and year out I have to brush up on everything else that bores the hell out of me.
    And the catch is you’ve got to get it done by end of September and any journal that you’ve read in that time period cannot be carried on to the next year. It’s ridiculous that you can’t do 80 points in a year and carry it on.
    So if you feel the urge to learn you need to bottle that urge until 1/10 so it can go towards the next year’s count.
    You’ve just reminded me I’d better re-register.

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    • I try to pick the things that I am weakest in. Which is why I picked pain management. All of the new federal rules and guidelines have made it a challenge. Sooooo …. I wish this pain management section for the boards was more relevant.

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  8. I just sat through a scintillating 2.25 hour webinar on methods to investigate contaminated sediments. Mud, basically. I made lots of origami stars. (I’m trying really hard to put a positive spin on pretty much anything and everything these days.)

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  9. Ah, don’t move to Canada. Somehow we always survive. With regard to CME, hubs used to sit himself down with booklets and self-exams for several nights at a time to keep up. Not sure how he managed with his patient load, every other or third night on call, the kids, etc but he did manage an occasional conference which gave him lots of credits.

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  10. Understandable. This constant re-certification thing (with outdated questions if i understood properly?) is ridiculous. Some years ago, in the ISO 9000 wake we designed an industry (market research) quality certification system. (My name is on the manual with other culprits) after a few years we realized we had just created another bureaucratic monster. Too late. Those are immortal.
    So you have made a diagnosis. Time. Now do the treatment. Get over it in january. (or in the summer if things are slow)

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