Just Super

Super moon via telescope and iPhone

This was my attempt at capturing the Super Moon earlier this week. Keep in mind, it was taken with my iPhone pressed up against the lens of my telescope. Not professional by any means but still pretty nifty… 

I love things like this that remind me how small I really am. Makes things like pesky EHRs seem so irrelevant.


117 thoughts on “Just Super

      • Photo technology is moving rapidly. Just yesterday I downloaded an app called Google PhotoScan. It is intended to get good digital images from print images. It takes 5 pictures of the print image and then merges them to get one good image. I want to use it for paintings where getting a good digital image is difficult. Works great. The future of small cameras may be in post-processing of multiple images; the results may be as good as large DSLRs.

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  1. I’m impressed that you own a telescope. I have one too, but haven’t used it since moving to Idaho. Too much light pollution around town. It probably has some dusty mirrors now. That’s a great image. I used to track a lady on Twitter who took great birding images doing what you did.

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  2. Great shot! Neither of us have managed to get a good shot of the moon or even night sky really. When the Vulcan plane was having a test flight after restoration in Lincolnshire, a young enthusiast put his camera up to his binoculars and got a fabulous shot. We got a few good ones too with my father in law’s old Pentax.

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  3. Excellent shot – you did very well! Just held the phone camera up to a telescope, you say? Awesome…I’ll have to try that the next time I attempt to take long-distance shots of the ocean after a storm! I never thought of doing that.

    That’s one of the best captures of the “super-moon” that I’ve seen all week…no lie! Love seeing the craters and other details.

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  4. No matter how old I get, it still never ceases to surprise me that the moon SHINES, light reflected off of sand and rock and dust makes it visible from so far…..thanks for sharing this Victo, I missed clicking the supermoon.. πŸ™‚

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  5. I think you did a excellent job of shooting! I’ve found if you shoot the moon just as it’s rising with something in the foreground (trees,eagle etc) the shot snap,crackles & pops even more! On the next moon,check out the terrain ahead of time.Find a interesting subject to frame against it.Remember that the moons orbit changes all the time,so that sweet spot isn’t a constant.
    good luck

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  6. As always, your work is gorgeous. Even with supposedly unprofessional techniques, you come out with a product I would die for!

    If you ever tire of EHRs, you could always teach photography. I’d be first in line to try and learn even more from you than I already do just reading your posts and witnessing their visual and imaginative splendor.

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