Pine cone in black and white

That day I realized it was not about love anymore. It wasn’t even about me, really. It was about winning. 

He wanted to be the winner. 

Then the question became, what would happen once he had won? 


52 thoughts on “Pricked

  1. Woo this post also brought me up short.there is nothing so wrong as living under control . I hope she walks , I hope she makes the right choice . Life is all about choices and consequencs ! None of us should be the under dog , regret is a bitter pill. xxxx

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  2. This was a family member.
    We all knew about the abuse.
    We all begged her to leave.
    A brilliant star left, the day
    she died from cancer.
    If I ever hear of anyone in this
    situation, my response is.
    This person is not worth your
    Cancer was the diagnosis,
    I never really accepted that
    as a reason.

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