The Deviled Inside


What food do you love the most at Thanksgiving or Christmas, or any other holiday for that matter? What do you look forward to being on the table? 

I don’t really care for turkey or dressing. Or congealed cranberry “sauce” from a can. Green bean casserole? Ick. My personal favorite holiday food is deviled eggs. In fact, I ran an extra four miles this morning just so I could eat 4-5 eggs and not feel guilty about it. Oh, who am I kidding? I will probably try to eat six or more…. Of course, I have to sneak them. Most people judge you for openly putting that many deviled eggs on your plate.

For my international readers who may not know what deviled eggs are exactly, they are hard boiled eggs that are shelled and cut into halves. The yolks are popped out and mashed with mustard and mayonnaise, some salt and pepper, and then piped back into the egg halves. They are then topped with a dash of paprika and a slice of pimento stuffed green olive.


There are countless variations out there. Some with bacon. Capers. Dijon. Schiracha. I haven’t met a single one I didn’t like. 

I first discovered deviled eggs when I was a kid. Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house, to be more precise. She would boil up about three dozen eggs and assemble several platters of deviled eggs, one for the elder adult table, one for the lesser adult table, and one for each of the kids tables. Fortunately, the kids at my kids table hated deviled eggs. More for me….

Here’s the thing, though. The eggs are hard work. I would much rather make a key lime pie with a homemade graham cracker crust and fresh squeezed lime juice from dozens of those teeny, tiny limes without the help of a juicer or garlic press, my finders bloodied from trying to get a tablespoon of zest off of the awkward rinds, than make deviled eggs.* 

Why do I love something so much and yet hate to make it? Dunno, but there it is. Probably a good thing because honestly, I cannot control myself. Twice a year, if I am lucky, I can get my fill.

So, what are YOU eating today?

*I made a key lime pie once and I promise you it will not happen again!


115 thoughts on “The Deviled Inside

  1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I love devilled eggs too and make them sometimes. About half-way through I wonder what made me decide on this tedious work.
    I’m a foodie. I love just about anything.
    Happy Thanksgiving devilled eggs and whatever else is on offer. ❀

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  2. I find devilled eggs rather simple, and i love them too. May and mustard and sweet pickle cubes. Yum. I think dressing is my thanksgiving weakness. I could probably eat an entire pan with gravy and be happy as a clam. Happy turkey day!

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  3. my favorites are the stuffing and I just love pumpkin pie. I’m a vegetarian so don’t eat the turkey but I have whatever veggies we might be cooking up.

    I was tempted to grab a slice of the pie last night but decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to do that, besides, I wanted to get this new composition that I’ve been working on for a while.

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I have a guilty secret: I really like cranberry sauce. Even though, if you think about it, it’s all weird and wrong. It’s called “sauce”, which means it’s supposed to be boiled down and poured over….something? But it’s eaten like Jello. Just weird. But I’ll sure have some tonight! πŸ˜†

    My favorite thing to make for Christmas is baklava. It looks complicated, but really it’s as easy as making lasagna. And I make it totally awesome. πŸ˜€

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  5. A whole tablespoon of zest would be hard to make. I doubt I’ll make any key lime pies, either.

    I guess I’m traditional, because I go for the good ol’ turkey meat and gravy, and cranberries. And pumpkin pie for afters. Nothing fancy. I’m a pilgrim.

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  6. Totally lurv deviled eggs, don’t like olives, but I get how if you do like them they’d be a great addition. With few exceptions, like you, I haven’t met a deviled egg I don’t like. We had a version growing up that I love even more. They are called pickled pink eggs, a little more work, but so pretty. Any yolk application you’d do for regular deviled eggs works for them. There are tons of variations on the pickling. Our family recipe was very simple with basic ingredients, and the soaking time was at least 24 hours. Here’s a page with lots of variations: (zomg, a potluck idea!)(nope, no one will eat weird looking pink eggs…)

    Tip for eating mass quantities: Don’t use a plate. Just circumnavigate the room and surreptitiously put an egg-half in your mouth each time you do. Extra bonus: It is exercise.

    I also love pecan pie. I make a killer (probably literally) one, with a cinnamon pie crust, lots of dark rum (or bourbon) and substituting about half of the corn syrup with honey. Rum (or bourbon) sauce optional. Trouble is neither of my ex’s liked pecan pie! And making one just for yourself is some kind of wrong.

    I used to HATE stuffing. Now I love it (the way I make it), with cashews and sausage and …

    Sigh, now I’m hungry.

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  7. I feel like a total dweeb for admitting this but I make deviled eggs once a week. I know eggs are “bad”..tough. My husband and I could eat a dozen for lunch and nothing else and be happy. Mine are the yolks mixed with sweet relish, mayo, a dash of mustard, salt pepper and allspice. yea, don’t knock that allspice until you try it. just sprinkle on top instead of paprika. And for dinner this thanksgiving? I will be having a pineapple/ham pizza after I get home from the shelter where I shall be cooking for several hundred.

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  8. Wonderful post. My wife and daughter are arguing about deviled eggs right now. It’s one of those, “What the hell? No deviled eggs?” Converstations. I baked until about 11:30, and my wife made my old pumpkin pie recipe. (I use butternut squash.)

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  9. Stuffed eggs here. With garlic, capers, parsley, basil, sometimes olives, olive oil and dijon mustard. Always topped with cayenne.

    Also do curried eggs, similar to above but with garam masala.

    Sue mentioned eggs mimosa. My mum did those. Delicious. I think the egg yolk was meant to be grated.

    Stuffed eggs are limitless really.

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  10. Hey Victo πŸ™‚

    Whilst salivating over your description of Devilled Eggs (mmmm!) my mind turned to the infamous Scotch Egg as created by Fortnum & Mason of Piccadilly (London) in 1738. For those who may not know what they are: imagine if you will a cooked egg, wrapped in Italian ham or bacon, and all tastefully encased within a ball of sausage meat, (or turkey mince, or ground beef, or all three,) rolled in golden breadcrumbs, and then deep fried to a crispy finish πŸ™‚ With so many variations available regarding the ingredients used, one can almost imagine an entire Christmas dinner immersed within this bread-crumbed ball of delight and served with trimmings to suit. Depending on ingredients used I may add a generous dollop of mustard mayonnaise and black pepper. But no doubt one could use cranberry sauce, or indeed any other sauce or condiment desired to give the Scotch Egg a personalised touch πŸ™‚

    There are many websites detailing the humble Scotch Egg, but this will do for starters and main course:

    I am fortunate in that within the UK there are several companies making hand-cooked Scotch Eggs, and most offer a postal service to get them to your door. Prices are steep for such extravagance, but when one needs to indulge, one needs to indulge, and once tried, there is no going back to cheaper options lol πŸ™‚ You have been warned!

    As an Englishman, I must wait until the 25/12/2016 to join my family at the table for the traditional Christmas feast of Turkey with all the trimmings: roast potatoes, 3 veg, ‘pigs in blankets’ (bacon wrapped around cocktail sausages) roasted parsnips and a Yorkshire pudding (a semi-sweet batter mix that rises to form a cup shape). It is a meal that I adore, and could happily eat every week, which is just as well when one is asked to attend several office parties and/or offered a place at the table with friends. It is not unusual to have consumed five or six Christmas dinners before the 12th day of Christmas arrives! It’s just as well Christmas comes but once a year! πŸ˜€

    Good luck with the Scotch Eggs should you choose to let loose the creative beast in the kitchen and reconstruct tradition in favour of your perfect flavour! πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take care πŸ™‚


    DN – 24/11/2016

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  11. Today it was just Husband, Daughter and me for Thanksgiving so we went out for a traditional Thanksgiving buffet in Port Aransas on Mustand Island. I had everything. But no deviled eggs on the menu! I too love them and make them every holiday and in between. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

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  12. Made cheese cake, but I love the artichokes and cauliflower, they are dipping bin eggs and breadcrumbs and fried, being a vegetarian I eat around, but only what I like or make, someone always forgets and adds chicken broth! Hope you had a great day, I did! xx

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  13. I could eat platters of deviled eggs all by myself! They are a pain to make, but worth the pain. Secret to an easy peel is not to use real fresh eggs. I am a secret lover of jellied cranberry sauce, chilled can, open, and slide onto a plate. I love well seasoned mashed potatoes…use to make some that friends called “heart attack on a plate”. Butter, sour cream, cream cheese. Have moderated in my old age. Love good bread pudding, and had some today with rum sauce. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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  14. I too love devil eggs and have a special plate that is now a cherished heirloom. Passed down from many meals from my Mom to me. My favorite food is anything about Thanksgiving. I have been cooking and baking since Sunday. I am a turkey conasewer…… I could eat it every day of the week and more. My favorite thing is the cranberry relish which is made several days a head. Only oranges, cranberries and sugar. When I was very young,it was tradition that the youngest made this relish…with supervision. My Mom had an old hand crank meat grinder that was this big black thing she would screw to a table and you feed everything through into a bowl. It made a mess, but great relish. When my youngest nephew was old enough, I passed the tradition on to him. Not sure if he still makes it or his kids help. I still make it but in the food processor. It goes on everything. Now, I am off to my chair to “watch a movie”…yeah right, I will be zorked in five.
    Have a blessed day.

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  15. Like you, I’ve yet to meet any deviled eggs I didn’t like. I make them quite often. Last night I made 40+ and eight people ate them up today. I had three and the dog ate one. You do that math, everyone likes them πŸ˜‰

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  16. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I think the love for deviled eggs must have skipped a generation in my family. My sons love them but they make me gag. When I was young each year I’d try to eat them because they look so good but each year I couldn’t stomach them. Eventually I gave up. Stuffing is my fave just about anytime but especially during the holidays.

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  17. I love deviled eggs! My mum made the best ones (I think that is why Teddy married me). I gorged on Ham, marinaded in a Cranberry Jam, cornbread stuffing with chestnuts in it and sweet potatoes with pecans and maple syrup. Can’t imagine how far I would have to run… Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

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  18. I also love deviled eggs and Key Lime pie and a different sort of
    Thanksgiving meal. I had Thanksgiving at my son’s house. We had Alaska King Crab legs with drawn butter, roasted Brussel sprouts and butternut squash and lemon meringue pie for dessert. My daughter-in-law is a fabulous cook.

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  20. I love devilled eggs too, but would rather have them with bacon than olives!
    My favourite holiday meal is actually on Boxing Day rather than Christmas day where we have a kind of buffet with turkey, ham and pork, salad, mashed potatoes and loads of different pickles (I love the pickled eggs a lot too)!

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  21. I LOVE deviled eggs but have never once made them, so it’s a special treat when they pop up on someone else’s table. We have my great grandmother’s stuffing at both Thanksgiving and Christmas every single year. It’s an almighty pain to make but is soooo worth is.

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