Want to know why the Saturday after Thanksgiving is not my favorite? 

The Christmas tree.

That’s right, folks. Until they can make a Christmas tree that fluffs itself and a prelit tree that stays lit rather than burning out at the center strip only, the Saturday after turkey day will always be the second worst day of the year. The first worst being the day I have to take all of those dadgum ornaments off and try to cram the well fluffed tree back into its teeny-tiny cardboard box.

Happy holidays… 

The kids just don’t appreciate what I do for them. 


104 thoughts on “Trimmings

  1. Ha, just think about this. We had a real tree every year until my daughter was in university. Now we have a small artificial tree with a few decorations here and there. We go to my daughters every holiday now.
    What I am getting at is my kids used to tell all their friends that would come to our home not to be surprised when they came into our home because it will look like a Christmas ball exploded in our house.
    I thought all my effort went unappreciated and they even made fun of me for years.
    Now their homes are totally decorated to the hilt inside and out and it looks like a Christmas ball exploded in their homes. They notice doctor, they are watching and they will appreciate it. Enjoy what you are doing because you are making traditions and wonderful memories. Happy Holidays.

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  2. Awh! I hear ya! I always put the tree up and decorate for christmas Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. I’m not a huge fan of the task, but love it when it is done…. Until it is time to put away – LOL! πŸ™‚

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  3. I love my tree. It cost me 35 dollars ten years ago and stands about five feet. Every year, I leave the lights on, wrap it up and stick it out in the garden shed. It takes me two days to decorate and it stays up until March. I used to do live trees that were at least eight feet tall and it would take a week to decorate. One year it toppled and I lost priceless antique ornaments from my family. It would stay up until there was barely a needle on it. But oh my, they were something. I have packing boxes of ornaments that I have not used in years. Sad…..

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  4. I do love Christmas. I have a
    family member who has two
    large fake trees. One in her
    very big foyer. Changes the
    decorations every year.
    She is a Christmas person.
    I outgrew that when my kids
    slept in on Christmas morning.

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  5. I was told by my kids, that Christmas trees are merely portals for presents. Based on that, I insist the tree be removed from living room in the afternoon of Christmas day, so everything can go back to normal. Nobody seems to mind that, other than figuring out a way to pack all the ornaments back into their boxes. But I have a captive audience that day, because there are no gyms open, no stores open – so they are stuck with me, taking the tree down. I know it seems kind of harsh, but I must have tidiness.

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  6. I miss putting up the tree with my kids who are grown and moved out. It’s just not the same without them, but I’m still gonna do it myself and put on some Christmas music and make my husband put a few of the high ornaments on. You’re gonna have fun over the next few years. Maybe they can help you put it away and get psyched up for next year cause big kids get to help more!

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  7. I feel your pain. Every year I care less about decorating for Christmas. My “kids” are 21 and 26. They help, but I still do most of it. It just doesn’t mean as much without little ones in the house. The magic of Santa left here years ago.

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  8. Our Christmas used to be in a box…. the one the tree was in with the tinsel and ornaments wrapped round it. Moving to the boat, the tree, although small in the cottage, was too big to stand anywhere, so now we have Christmas in a bag which measures 10″ by 10″. Our little tree, as made for us by my niece 27 Christmases ago, will be put up on the cooker, we will hang our tinsel from the curtain rails, and this year as we are aboard, we will put little fairy lights on the helm and cratch covers! I can hardly wait!

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      • Hubby and I love our Christmases. It’s tradition to have our Β£10 dash (go off in different directions armed with just a tenner to buy each other little gifts) and try not to pig out on festive goodies……… even more so this year as I have a weigh in the day after!

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      • Oh it’s brilliant, especially when we were broke. We’ve only ever duplicated two things……. a snow teddy and a box of shortbread, but in different years. Our first one together in 1989 saw the broken off top of a tree for Β£1, and some silly gifts wrapped up individually and placed under the tree in a cardboard box with balloons attached. Inside were a packet of peanuts, cheese and onion crisps, sherbet fountain, chocolate santa (definite tradition!), keyring, chocolate brazils and a card. We sat cross legged at the coffee table for our Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings, had a minature bottle of white wine between us, and then snoozed on the sofa all afternoon. We’d done most of our family Christmas shopping at car boot sales, so you could say we are good recyclers! It was one of the best Christmasses ever for me. ❀

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  9. It’s nice to hear another point of view – the artificial tree. We’ve always had real trees and even with no kids at home we still have one .. decorating, de-decorating, falling needles – but nothing smells as wonderful as a real tree. Call me crazy.

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    • I do love the smell of a real tree, too! But the falling needles and allergy symptoms have made that an impossibility. Plus, and don’t laugh at me, I always felt guilty destroying a tree that took years to grow in a few weeks for the sake of Christmas. It just didn’t seem right! πŸ™‚


  10. With an arm in a sling and a shoulder I’m not supposed to move, I thought this just might be the Christmas I can finally do away with a tree. I’ve always thought it was just about one of the stupidest traditions ever.

    … but noooo. When youngest son (28) heard the plan, he said he would come over to do all the decorating. Apparently no matter how old they get, children still want their parents to have ‘traditional’ Christmas.

    I hope he sticks around to take it down too.

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  11. Artificial, Doc. I finally broke down afte real trees all my life. Purchased an artificial last year. It was up and lit in two minutes, decorated an hour later. No needles, no watering, no trimming, no bare spots, no playing with and hanging lights just right, no allergies. Wishi would have done it sooner.

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  12. The tree is one of the few things I love about the season. It’s magical! I have always had a tree and I hope when I am too old to do it, someone will come and do it for me.
    Maybe when your kids are older you can take a more supervisory role. As mine got older I stopped letting them help! Haha! (You can only parent as who you are!)

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  13. Totally agree! Our tree comes down the day after Christmas as I have totally had enough of vacuuming the little green crap up and getting poked by pointy branches constantly. That and I want my living area back πŸ˜€ Mind you we live in New Zealand and its too freakin hot at Christmas so we all want to turn the A/C on and go swimming. Trees made to look wintery do not seem to fit from the day after Christmas on

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  14. I remember those days well and I empathize with you. One day you’ll probably look back and wish that you could have some of those days to experience again. But maybe not. I’m one for nostalgia but I remember all the work and it was pure hell some years.

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  16. Bottom row of lights, brand new….out. So frustrating and yet every year I do it. I even made the joke this year that it is almost worth getting into a relationship just so I don’t have to string those lights on that tree….almost. πŸ™‚

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  17. Cut it down with a herring.

    Why, the Knights who say “Ni!” demand a shrubbery and Roger the Shrubber cannot provide a Christmas tree.

    Blame it on fictional history and this silly King Arthur, king of the Britons…

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