Yaupon Holly berries



Festive and bright

First taunting

Now longing

For just one bite

A charade

Promise made

Seeing the light


Bed ridden

Your sickened plight

Again you ate

The same fate

Intestinal blight



Never contrite


55 thoughts on “Inedible

  1. They are very enticing little berries, so pretty. I think I tried to eat a Poinsettia (which turns out, is not toxic – I just Googled that), and also one of those shiny glass ball decorations, when I was little.

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  2. Ah yes Christmas Dinner. Each year we promise ourselves we would not over indulge, but we do. I guess it’s sort of being like an alcoholic – one drink ( one bite ) and you’re a gonner !! Oh well, there’s always Alka Seltzer!

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