Move Over Childhood…

Trestle bridge through a car window
It happened, folks. 

My son decided that he does not want to wear his PJ’s to go into the donut shop anymore.

“Mom, someone might see me.”

A lump immediately lodged in my throat and has not yet let go. My baby is growing up, entering that self conscious stage where his life will forever be filtered through perceived societal norms. 

Next, he’s going to stop believing in Santa. 

I am not ready for this…

*Please note, I was not driving when I shot that photo and yes, the windshield IS a bit dirty. 


102 thoughts on “Move Over Childhood…

  1. Move on childhood. From the perspective of an adult still listening to voice in my head, I was going down the drain. But instead of my daughter, it is about me. Unearthing false notions of myself and treating myself well. Good blog by the way. Mine is 29. lol I wonder if she still believes?

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  2. It happens mom. I remedied that when my oldest was eight (I think) by telling all three of my children it is OK if you don’t want to believe in Santa any more but I still believe in him and there is something else, just remember there will be no more toys under the tree for you, Just clothes and p j’s and stuff. They all held on for a few more years. :o)

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  3. I feel this so much.

    On a similar note, the last week or so, Li’l D has started counting down hours to bedtime.

    Yesterday, he said, “Oh, no!” only three hours. Seding my sad face, he asked, “What?”

    I explained that I’ve had to tell him how long till this or that for seven years. Now, he knows how to tell the time and count the difference between two times. I said it’s exciting, but also a little sad: “It’s a very adult thing to do. I love to see you growing, but sometimes I just notice more than others how fast it’s going. This is one of those things.”

    (Gah. Sniffling just typing this.)

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  4. Really? My boys would wear anything for a Dunkin run.
    Our oldest, horror of horrors, would go cookie begging
    to the neighbors in pj’s. And yes we were sleeping and
    did not know he was out? Talk about embarrassed,
    and irresponsible?
    So possibly the smell of donuts will lure him out.
    Don’t give up Victo!

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  5. You have to give a disclaimer about taking photos while driving? (Or in your case, not taking them while driving.) Well, damn. Honestly, I think taking photos while driving is safer than talking and definitely safer than texting. You’re looking through an optical piece. You’re looking at the road. (OK, if you are driving and taking pictures while turning around and shooting through the back window, that’s a problem.) I DECLARE IT SAFE! (Bet you’ll never guess what I’ve been known to do.) Safety first, or it’s a bridge too far.

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  6. My baby boy is turning 30 on his next birthday…..I don’t think it ever gets easy to let them go no matter what age….I can remember the day I was no longer allowed to hold his hand…..and forget a kiss before he slipped out the door of the car for school….I could feel myself aging every time the independence raised it ugly head in front of me….I hate the fact that we raise our babies to go into the world and make a life without us…..Damn that’s the part of being a parent I disagree with…..xxxkat

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  7. Watching them age is so bittersweet. Mine questioned Santa this year. My long-winded vagueness combined with being a kid and having ADHD made him get on to something else, though. Even though I didn’t really want to do Santa when he was tiny for reasons, it’s like a punch in the gut realizing this is likely the last Christmas for that.

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  8. This is happening with my daughter too. She keeps asking me if I believe in Santa, and of course I say yes – it’s the truth, after all 🙂

    It’s beautiful and terrifying all at the same time, watching them grow up.

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