Broken Glass

Stained glass dome in Las Vegas
All of those broken bits of me you thought would get swept up and tossed away with the morning trash? 

Look at what I did with them. 

I’m not as fragile as you thought.

Mind the sharp edges, though. We wouldn’t want you to get cut… 

Sometimes I see a patient in followup after something terrible happens in their life and I am awed by what they become. Being broken does not mean the end. Rearranging the pieces can mean something even better.


108 thoughts on “Broken Glass

  1. Brokenness in life is one of those topics that is not talked about all that much…and yet, as I’ve gotten older and experienced brokenness first hand in multiple areas of my life (parenting, marriage, life goals, just to name three) there is a freedom and quiet confidence that comes with it, if you survive and make it to the other side…(the other side of the anger, depression, confusion) πŸ˜‰ Making it to the other side, is not automatic however….I have tended to do quite a bit of thrashing around before I get to that point.

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  2. And the old thing about broken bones being stronger. Broken and flawed and screwed up and odd can be wonderful and gorgeous. Or not. It depends. It is amazing when people take broken bits and create new things or lives. It is amazing when other people can actually appreciate it. Gorgeous picture, too, with all those pieces of bits of glass.

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  3. I love the pride and triumph in this line: “Look at what I did with them.” It’s just breathtaking. πŸ™‚

    And I LOVE that picture of the stained glass. It just invites you to look up and up as if you could just look straight up into Heaven. πŸ™‚

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  4. No use lying there crying over spilt milk though I do that sometimes . It doesn’t last long and then you think what am I doing lying here? So then I would get up again and off I go. The only way is up.

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  6. So true – the hardest part of rebuilding after a disaster is the very first piece you pick up. Clearing away the rubble, until you have room to add new photos in the album. The best advice … listen to people who are still sorting through the rubble and then help them to add happy experiences to the empty spaces. Clean up and replace, replace, replace.

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  8. I want to yell this thing from the rooftops, THIS IS SO TRUE. I LOVE how you worded the ending of re-arranging the broken pieces into something prettier. That’s what I feel like I’ve done with my life. Thank you for sharing this. πŸ™‚

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  9. In a time of weakness, our specialist reminded my husband and me just how strong we are and how far we’ve come. Her words were medicinal in that moment and just what I needed to raise me back up to where I needed to be. I am grateful for the power of the entire healing package we have experienced and your words brought me back to that day, in that room, in those chairs, surrounded by the kindness of a clinician who truly cares..

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