Behind The Scenes

Gnomes in Switzerland

WordPress reminded me yesterday that I have been blogging for three years. Three whole frickin’ years. 

How the HELL did that happen, anyway?

I thought it might be fun to talk about the reality of what three years actually means here at Behind the White Coat:

5,060-ish people “follow” this blog as of this writing. When I wake up tomorrow it might be a few more or a few less. This number is meaningless, though, trust me. 

I average about 300 hits on my blog per day. That’s right. Sometimes less, like when I don’t post for a few days, and sometimes more. WordPress has changed how it calculates hits so many times that I don’t really know what that means anymore. I might get more traffic if I were on Facebook or Twitter or other social media platforms but honestly, I just don’t have that kind of energy. 

This post will be #865. That is a whole helluva lot of hot air. Some of it I am proud of. Some is painfully, woefully laughable. Some just flat out sucks. I have bared much of my soul here. Bless all of you who have taken the time to read anything I post. I appreciate all of you more than you could know.

Each day I spend between 2-3 hours reading other blogs and answering comments. Over three years that is an awful lot of time. Fortunately I don’t have any other serious hobbies right now. Anyone who tells you blogging is easy is either lying to you or selling something like SEO whatama-ever-thingamajigs (I have no idea what that really means, anyway, do you?).

I was Freshly Pressed in 2015 and featured on Discover WordPress in 2016. Those were huge honors but I found that they made me nervous. I don’t really want to become famous after all. That surprised me. When I started blogging I had delusions of grandeur. I was gonna be the biggest thing since KevinMD. Ha! Not my goal anymore. What is my goal? Having fun, making connections, and learning something new.

For 2016 I had a total of 112,879 page views and 27,416 visitors. The most viewed post was Black and White and Blurry All Over but not because it was some amazing piece of writing. It just happened to go up the day I was featured on Discover WordPress purely by accident. I got lots of hateful comments left by plenty of scary people on that one. 

Which brings me to the fact that I have had my fair share of trolls. The really psycho ones can be pretty scary until you figure them out…. They all have the same agenda, though, no matter who they are. It is best to just ignore that they even exist. 

In truth, I follow 1, 957 blogs. Only a small fraction of those still actually do any posting. This makes me sad. We have lost some fantastic bloggers over the years. Some left due to time constraints, intimidation, boredom… death. I hate to unfollow anyone, afraid I’ll miss their comeback post someday. 

Me, though? 

I’m not going anywhere anytime soon….


249 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes

  1. Congratulations Victo for your amazing accomplishments. I certainly am fortunate to have found your blog, and am glad you are not going anywhere! I look forward to many more posts from you. Happy Thursday my friend. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m glad you are not going anywhere soon either πŸ™‚ I started reading your blog about the same time I came across a plastic surgeon’s blog from Australia…she dropped off the map around the holidays while visiting her husband’s family in Eastern Europe. Not a peep. Made me sad. I always appreciate your taking the time to read my posts. Blogging is a genuine format for getting to know someone, regardless of whether you ever meet them in person or not.

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  3. Nice stats. I’ve always envied your audience. You deserve it. Your stuff is fresh. But, if you don’t mind my saying so, I don’t believe for one second that you don’t really want to be famous. Everyone who blogs desires an audience. We like the feedback and the push/pull of the comments section. We crave the attention. If everyone were to suddenly stop reading and commenting, you’d care plenty. That, by any other name, is fame.

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  4. I am very happy that I discovered your blog. I don’t remember the details of how we connected (I hope that isn’t a sign of something bad) but I’m glad we did. Good luck in 2017. Remember the Three Billy Goats Gruff – just point those trolls to the largest doctor in the land of WordPress and let him/her kick their butts into the river.

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  5. I love your blog and look forward to your posts, so I’m glad you aren’t planning on leaving anytime soon πŸ™‚

    865 posts! Wow. I envy your energy, because obviously you have a LOT of it to manage a very active blog, a demanding job, and children at home. Kudos! I’m a fan πŸ™‚

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  6. Congratulations and happy blog anniversary! I can see how much difference you have made in people’s lives with your insightful and heartfelt posts, sharing a part of yourself, baring an aspect of medical practice lay people aren’t exposed to….I hope you keep posting for a long, long time.

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  7. I am so happy you are going nowhere, Doc! I’ve been in a creative black hole for about a year now. You would think that since, if astrophysicists are to be believed and I’m not entirely sure they always SHOULD be, but if time actually stops in a black hole, I should have in theory ceased all activity. This has not been the case. 2016 was my busiest year EVER. Blogging, however, paid the price. Your accolades are very well deserved! And I agree heartily on the trolling issue… best to ignore and delete! Here’s to a better blogging year all round… and more from your endless supply of adventures! xx Mother Hen

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  8. Congratulations on three years blogging, that is certainly no mean feat.🍾🍾🍾 I have been following you almost from the start of when I started blogging, and always enjoy your posts.
    Long may you continue!!

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  9. Congratulations on three years — not many of us last this long.

    And thank you for your camaraderie, your varied and beautiful writing (and photos) and for being one of my very favorite blogging buddies!

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  10. I think you have a great blog. And often times, wordpress is a refuge from the bullshit of the world. it can be far more uplifting and make you feel like you are contributing to others. Even if it is a quirky story or something profoundly thought provoking. Congratulations on your three years!

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  11. wow, congratulations….. but what are you going to do Doc when you publish your book someday? Fame will be yours.
    I am so glad I connected with this blog, thanks to Rising Hawk. You make my day and I have learned a lot from you.

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  12. It also makes me sad when people disappear. But it’s a definite commitment. Time and energy. Which is why Nina and I take breaks (but we do always come back).
    But you are very reliable. Congrats! I would miss your insights. (K)

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  13. First, congrats on the 3 years and holy moly on the followers, awesomeness! I Have a totally off subject question. Your blog, the top you have the name with a picture and then below it is all of your writing. Is that on wordpress because I see the different choices of blog styles and I like yours but I don’t know which one that is for the theme. I’d like mine to be more easily read like yours but I am just plain ole wordpress unsavy!

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  14. Congratulations. I enjoy your writing style and what you have to say. Just keep being you and doing things your way. I wrote for a few years before I even realized I could look up stats and such about my blog. Happy writing for more years to come.

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  15. I bet you got plenty of hits on this day – And congrats on three years – I find it quite easy to blog but I do seldom read other peoples – only a few – I am very wary of pushing the follow button – my email is such a mess. I think the true magic of your blog (other than the content) is you answer our comments – you acknowledge your readers and commenters – this is just wonderful! Thank you for that! c

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  16. Blogging and writing is like having a second job. Making sure you have steady posts is very time consuming, and following/commenting on other blogs is a whole thing in and of itself. I feel that if people are going to follow, like, and comment on my blog, I can at least return the favor. It’s only fair, and with WP there is a definite sense of reciprocity and togetherness. I haven’t run into any trolls on my own personal site yet, but I’m sure it’s bound to happen if I keep it up. I like that you can have it set up to approve first time commenters so I say bring it on trolls! I know I enjoy your blog immensely.

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    • It is true that WP, despite its other faults, does foster community that you don’t find anywhere else. I count myself lucky that I just happened to stumble upon it. I hope you don’t ever encounter trolls! May you blog long and prosper. πŸ™‚

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  17. Congrats Victoire. (I sometimes wonder if I ever will know your real name. :). “Don’t matter. Victoire you are) Quite an accomplishment. You are a good example of what needs to be done: Consistency. A post a day keeps the Doctor at bay? πŸ™‚ I wish I could do that, but I need to find another format. It takes me 2 to 3 hours to put a post together. Can’t do that everyday. But, since you are an example to follow, I will look for a way. My best wish for you this year: that you dominate the Beast (i.e. the EHR or whatever you call it). It is taking too much of time and energy. Be good my friend.

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  18. OMGee! I love this post! I laughed and shook my head – almost as if we were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee…or wine depending on time of day. PS – dig the gnomes…troll busters πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’›

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