Billowy clouds that glow

Now shrouded in gray

Looking back at faded pasts

Alone, put away

Lost details you left unseen

Clouded, blind, a dim outcast


41 thoughts on “Cataract

  1. I love taking pictures of clouds, too. There are so many conditions that develop as we live and as we age, at least, cataracts can be solved. We should be able to see everything clearly and absorb every moment until the end.

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  2. Cataracts are not a sight to behold. I saw my sister’s eyes as the ophthalmologist held the light for me to see. Ugly and disturbing are the best definitions I can think of. My sis’s surgeries took about 15 minutes for each eye. The day of her last cataract surgery Dr. S. had performed no less than 17 surgeries. The day surgery arena was unlike anything that I’ve seen. Precision clock work with the friendliest and most efficient nurses that I think I’ve ever had the privilege of observing.

    Now my eyes are due for the same thing with a stent for glaucoma of my left eye to help preserve vision.

    Great poem you wrote, doctor. Very descriptive.

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  3. I have always found pleasure in the clouds until my cataracts ripened. Mine were inside the pupil and had been for several years, but my doctor never seemed to notice. I even asked him once if they were ready to come out and he seemed angry that I had dared to question his judgment. Finally the year I knew I had to get help from some other doctor, I was only able to read one line of print at a time with a huge magnifying ruler. By then the gray clouds were not so pleasant. It has been about four years and I am having to repeat the surgeries because scar tissue developed.

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  4. What a blessing it is to find skillful surgeons who actually care what happens to patients. The day before yesterday I had the scar tissue removed by laser surgery and I now have 20/20 distance vision. The close-up is not wonderful but correctable.

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  5. Wonderful clouds. Great words. Albeit sad.
    When my (much) older brother told me he was getting operated of cataracts, I thought: “Holy Sh… Time is running towards us…”
    (Touch wood: I have had the same eye prescription since I was 14…)
    Do you wear glasses, Victoire?

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