Tiffany stained glass window at Chicago Navy Pier

My microwave died and went to appliance heaven. 

Well. More like fell apart. 

The door plastic started cracking and then the tempered glass front exploded all over the kitchen one evening as I was about to heat up water for tea. Freaked the kids out. Personally, I thought it was super cool. Did you know tempered glass can still pop and explode even as the pieces are lying on the floor? 

It might seem like a simple thing to fix, right? Just order a new door. Except they no longer make this model of microwave. There is no door replacement. We will need to replace the whole dang unit.

However, this is not a microwave that sits on the countertop. Oh, no. It is mounted under a cabinet over the stove/oven and also serves as the stovetop ventilation unit. Apparently, it is also hard wired in, meaning there is no plug to unplug. Getting someone to take this out and install a new one when it is hardwired in is no small feat as it turns out. 

So, for a number of weeks I have been forced to go without a microwave. 

And you know what? It has not been the end of the world. 

In fact, I have found that I prefer heating things up in my toaster oven. Reheated bacon is crispier. Pizza is heated evenly. Corn dogs are yummier. Left over scones taste like the first day they were made. Tea? There is something nice about a whistling tea kettle as opposed to a microwave ding and I swear the tea actually tastes better steeped in water from my kettle. 

The other thing I have found? The couple of extra minutes it takes to use those other methods? They don’t really make a difference in my life. Schedules have not come crumbling down. We have not run late, we haven’t had to make cuts elsewhere. 

Never would I ever have believed I would ever say this: I can live just fine without a microwave. Not only can I live without a microwave, I now choose not to have one. 

That is incredibly liberating.

Makes me wonder what else I can live without…


186 thoughts on “Wavelengths 

  1. Sounds like it might be tough without the toaster oven!? We’ve exploded things in the microwave (the kids always liked exploded eggs for breakfast) but the microwave never exploded. However, the front door of our oven fell off once when we had people over for dinner and things in the oven!

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  2. Just think… You’re now one step closer to being a Pilgrim. Do you look good in long black dresses and heavy buckled shoes? 😉 (Just kidding, of course! And props to the real Pilgrims.) But seriously, when I’ve been in between microwaves, the toaster oven has been a God-send. But once with no toaster oven, the real oven did NOT make things any easier. 🙂

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  3. That’s great but my microwave and I are one. Also I know I can’t live long without power or water because one or the other often go off without warning for long periods of time. Have said that, I’ve always found a way to get done what I needed when then happens.

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  4. Glad to hear things worked out so well you no longer need a microwave. I keep forgetting to check a toaster oven out for myself because one of my friends made something in her’s and it was so darn good I made a mental note. This, of course, was a big mistake because until I see something like your post it gets wiped from my memory bank. I’m rectifying the situation now by writing it down. 😃

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  5. So strange that I read this today…Mine is on the fritz and just last week I told myself that when it breaks, I will not buy a new one…cost and “bad waves”. The toaster oven on my counter that I never use will be put to good use.😀

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  6. I like your beautiful stained glass image at the beginning of this post, Victo! Good to hear of your smooth transition from microwaving to toaster ovening – d’you like my verbs? 😀 – and how liberating it is in some ways. Similar to some of your readers’ comments, I never cottoned on to the microwave. I didn’t grow up with it; there was mostly cooking from scratch. Even though my in-laws generously gave us one years ago, at the most I defrosted meat and softened butter….that kind of thing. My mother-in-law would cook with it fairly often. At one point we gave ours away. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, during a temporary move, that I acquired a toaster oven….and a whole new world of “miniature oven baking” opened up to me. I don’t use it every day…..about as much as the regular oven. But it is far more well-used and well-loved than the microwave.

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  7. After my divorce I went YEARS without a microwave. I didn’t want one in my tiny homes, taking up nonexistent counter space… I’m still amazed by how many people were determined to give me their old microwave when I said I didn’t want one. (Especially when, at the time, there were dozens of things I actually needed.) Go figure.
    Have a thriving Thursday. Huge hugs.

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