Your translucent bones

Bleached, brittle, faded away

See through intentions

Unable to bear the weight 

Made you give until you break


41 thoughts on “Osteoporosis 

  1. Yes, they do break!
    Many times over &
    I will never forget Mom’s
    broken pelvis, that I
    sat & cried with her.
    She was terrified of
    hospitals. My Dad lived
    in & out of hospitals for
    30 years, with Mom by
    his side. His failing heart
    stopped at 72, Mom lived
    to be 96!

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  2. A lot packed in here; e.g., “see through intentions” – why am I surprised? Good doctor, you. Alert to what’s going on inside the persons you try to help but sometimes can’t. You hurt too. But the words do help.

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  3. My doctor told me I had osteoporosis about three years ago, so I take that monthly pill when I remember it which is not often. I think I don’t have any symptoms, but I did break my wrist in a fall a few years back. Your poem will probably make me remember to take that pill more regularly.

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  4. As a young woman, I never thought I would be afflicted by such a malady, but it hit me when I was not quite sixty–taking its toll on my height and my physical ability. I grew up on a farm, doing all the outside work farm kids do and was never a whiner, but believe me, I felt like whining when the bones started giving way. Hips and lower spine always seem to be the first to go.

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  5. A wonderful write! I would also like to add that men can also suffer from osteoporosis late in life, my grandfather actually died of osteoporosis, his spine actually was in a state of disintegration and he died a very painful death.

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