Hanging Out

Old Ferris wheel in black and white

I find that I am more and more conscious of my own nose hair. What is interesting about this is that I never, ever notice the nose hair of other people and if I did happen to see some bits poking out of a nostril it would not gross me out. So WHY on Earth do I care about my own nostril hair? 

Is this because my nose hair is getting longer? 

Perhaps I am growing more and more sensitive about the change of appearance that comes with aging and I am finding myself more interested in controlling the things that I can have some influence over? 

And then I wonder if there are people who do care about other people’s nose hair and if so, why do they care? What else do they do in their free time?

These are the thoughts I have on a Sunday morning after yet again having one of those pesky hairs ripped from my poor tender nostril by the stupid nose hair trimmer that is supposed to CUT the stupid things. I swear, next time I may as well just tweeze them out….


128 thoughts on “Hanging Out

  1. Not a fan of nose hair (either my own or someone else’s). Or ear hair. Or swirling eyebrow hair that rises to a point, like some kind of brow horn. Plucking usually gets rid of them but I’ve recently had to invest in a trimmer to attack the jungles inside my snoz.
    What is the evolutionary advantage to all this? It’s all very strange and highly irritating.

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  2. If a stray nostril hair is the worst of your aging worries (ew ew ew, you have obvious nostril hair! :::faints:::), you’re doing ok.

    ALL of your patients, that you come at with your stethoscope and that light to look down throats, all of them notice those little hairs as you come in nice and close. They write reviews about them… bwahahahaha

    And, yeah, just tweeze the sucker (ouch, cry, ouch, damndamndamn), or snip off with cuticle scissors.

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  3. Apparently, my entire family is worried about MY nose hairs, and it never dawned on me that this was an aging situation. I’ve never had this horrid problem before. Soooo, every now and then, my hubby will charge the nose hair clippers and whiz away. I cannot imagine plucking anything from my nose. Plus, it’s hard enough to keep up with the flipping chin hairs…okay. Rant…officially…over.

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  4. Haha, you can wax that, you know.

    Sounds HORRIBLE, but it’s actually quick and way, way less painful than trying to tweeze. And it works better and lasts longer than trimmers–if you’re really bothered by it 🙂

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  5. I’m using an unbranded trimmer; when it starts to pluck I just change the battery. Works, for some reason. Why do people stare at nose/ear hair? Do they imagine earwax/goober monsters rappelling down those tiny tendrils?

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  6. Stop….do not tweeze…that would be bad. I think I even said “ouch” out loud. Yes I notice things like this too but you know that since I am newly creased. Whenever I see a large hair growing out of a patient I go home and make the girl swear that she will always pluck what needs plucked no matter what. I’m not sue I understand the phrase “growing old gracefully”, there isn’t anything graceful about it.

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  7. I wonder if this quotation might be interpreted more broadly as a kind of consolation: “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid . . .” On the other hand, numbering them doesn’t exactly solve the problem, does it. Might even make it worse. Oh dear.

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  8. I’ve seen articles about how you’re not supposed to tweeze or squeeze around the nose, cause brain and death or whatever. If YOU don’t know about it, I guess those articles are wrong.
    The Mister grows some serious nose hair and I do get on him about it when they’re out mingling with the mustache. Usually, he trims without prompting.
    I wouldn’t say I don’t have nose hair, (we all should, yeah?) but I haven’t seen any, even looking up, so I will count myself blessed.

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  9. Understand! Its the hair right beside my lip that drives me crazy!! Just one strand that keeps growing back.
    Hey changing the subject, but I know you are good at fiction 🙂 so what grand adventure should Dewey and his friends go on? Leave your answer in my post, if you so desire 🙂 Now that I added to your list of 101 other things to do!

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  10. i was once dating a boy who was disturbed by the nose hair of others. when we broke up i always suspected that it was because i have this one renegade nose hair that won’t just stay nostriled with the others. that’s when i became self-conscious about nose hairs.

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  11. I feel your pain there. A new development here too. New to me, hopefully it’s new period.
    On not so off the topic note years ago someone decided to tell me that I was nippely. (sp?). From that day on I’ve always worn a padded it bra. What is wrong with people. Why do they care? lol

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  12. Good to know we all have random thoughts running through our brains. I never thought much about nose hair, gee I wonder if mine shows? Oh well, wooly bear eyebrows and ear hair on older men used to creep me out.😝 Now that I can’t see it, problem solved. 🤣

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