Love Is….

Heart shaped hole in a tree trunk

… someone who makes you a cup of coffee the way YOU like it instead of the way THEY want you to like it.

It sounds so simple but the truth of that statement evaded me for longer than I care to admit. There is peace in the knowledge, though…. peace and love.

So, to that man in my life, thank you for being my hero and saving us from the house fire… both literally and figuratively. I love you!


91 thoughts on “Love Is….

  1. Awww.. sweet…the coffee! Yep, coffee latte just the way I LIKE IT. It goes to many other things too. Lucky to have a love in our lives, even though, agree, hard at times. Happy Valentine’s Day, Victo. πŸ’— Christine

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  2. Happy Valentine’s Day. Glad no one was hurt and that everything was ok – although- it will take a while for the smell of the smoke to fade. By the time this appears on my page, there are already 29 entries. That’s the problem with time differences.

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  3. Happy Valentines Day Victo πŸ™‚

    Sounds like it was a hot date with blood racing followed by a well-made coffee in the loving warmth of an after-glow πŸ™‚ Who could ask for more when St.V makes a house-call? πŸ™‚


    DN – 14/02/2017

    P.S: Do you mind me asking: the house fire…was it your son playing with matches again and lighting candles for his mum? πŸ™‚

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  4. The day I knew I was in truly in love with my husband was when we were sitting around a campfire and I thought to myself “If I would die tonight I would have no regrets”. Twenty years later I still think the same thing. Happy Valentine Day!

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  5. Mine remembered Valentines day and sent me a text to tell me he loves me. Those two things were about the best gifts I could get. (Neither are like him at all but he knew they meant something to me)
    Happy Valentines Day.

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  6. Fortunately no fires here but figurative. Hard to put out, but not too dangerous if love is in the home. Life-giving sometimes, like new growth in a burned-out forest. But I’d better stop with the figuratives.You are dealing with the reals. Love your messages! Best to you and dad and the shoots and trees. Oh shoot, I mean children.

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