Pink magnolia blossoms in winter

Opening flowers

Sunshine glowing from above

Winter white no more

Pinks and blues, petals anew

Groundhogs can bite my warm a**


70 thoughts on “Blushing 

  1. Hey Victo,

    Lively, bold and full of spirit…one might even describe it as sassy 🙂 The dappled shade and deep rich colours offer a fascinating depth to both image and Tanka…indeed, ‘winter white no more!’ Loved the ending!

    If I may add a cheeky line or two…

    Spring’s fervency unfurled sepal’s fledgling folds
    parting her pursed petal case.
    But only Apollo would ever open her flower
    to reveal the blush on her face.

    Have a wonderful week Victo. Take care of one and all 🙂


    DN – 20/02/2017

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  2. “sun” “shine” ? I vaguely recall such a thing. Know those B&W snow pictures I just posted a few days ago? They weren’t B&W. It’s been like that for months. 😐

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