Jury Duty

Vatican curves

Answering questions

Wondering why it feels I’m 

The one on trial


46 thoughts on “Jury Duty

  1. Good luck, Doc. I’ve been called a few times, always dismissed when they settle “out of court”. Now, there is a jury search pending for the Bill Cosby trial that has been moved to a new county here in PA. I wonder ??

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  2. I told my partner it would be interesting when he was called. He didn’t serve. The following year I was called. I didn’t think it would be interesting at all. I’ve sat through more court cases (as a reporter) than you can poke a stick at.

    And no breaks. Pee breaks. Drinks. Food.

    I didn’t serve either.

    Every three years though … Maybe we’ll just drop off the electoral register. No remuneration, no exemption, and shitty conditions? What a flipping chore.

    Wonder how many volunteers they would get if they asked? Lots of do-gooders? Who think they know best?

    When it’s compulsory with no financial reimbursement it’s a shit system.

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  3. Because I had a toddler and was the only one watching her I got out of jury duty! I actually would have had to serve this past Christmas or around that week. I was so thankful for my daughter!!! I am thankful anyway, but being a mom certainly has its perks! No jury duty for a parent who is the caretaker of kids under 5 years old! I believe that includes if you are caring for an elderly parent or relative.

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  4. …and I told them I had no one to pick up my toddler at preschool at 3pm and they still picked me for the jury! It’s a good thing child welfare didn’t find out my 12 year old was picking up her 3 year old sister and watching her until I got home…
    I actually think it’s an important civic duty, but the first time I served my boss was angry at me for weeks, and then they got rid of exemptions for young children, which was my second jury. Now that I actually could serve without it being a big problem, I haven’t been put on a jury, although I enjoyed having time to read while waiting. The system just needs to be more well thought-out.

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  5. my worse nightmare. Called three times, twice number was high. Third time actually participate on a trial and then they dismiss me at the last minute before the trial. Married to a cop did not get me out. Now I just got another survey which means I will be called…making it four times. My RETIRED husband who would love it…. never. been summoned…grrrr .

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  6. Got called once, and got interviewed for a jury. Got thrown off because not only do I work in the legal field, but my husband also worked in it at the time. Just as well – it was a criminal trial involving a drug dealer who took his 4-year-old son along on drug deals. I wanted to give him the death penalty before I even got on the jury!

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  8. According to TV shows, there is so much at stake in jury selection.
    “We need more females.”
    “We need more ‘blacks'”
    “We need more blue-collar”
    “We are building a jury to fit the defendant’s/People’s needs”
    What about the needs of Justice?)

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