Power Lines

Power lines

“Hey, Doc. Remember me?”

I quickly glanced again at the name on the chart. He was a new patient. His name did not ring a bell. I squinted at his face. Dark beard and hair with some gray in it, a bit shaggy, but fairly well groomed. Lips. No. Then his eyes. I remembered the eyes from somewhere….

My heart caught and my fingertips went numb.

“How do I know you?” I asked, playing dumb. 

I knew good and well who he was. 

He smiled at me. “February 14th, 2016.” He paused a second to let it sink in. “That was the day you found me guilty of aggravated sexual assault and sentenced me to 10 years in jail.”

I quickly tapped a help message on IM to my office manager. 

“I don’t remember…”

“Sure you do, Doc.” He leaned forward close, too close, and spoke again in barely a whisper. “They made a big deal about who you were during jury selection. Got out a bit early. I had very, very good behavior. Not a day went by, though, that I did not think about what I was going to do to you when I got out. I have a very good memory.”

He sat up straight. There was a knock on the door and my office manager popped his head in. 

“This visit is over. Leave,” I rasped, embarrassed that my voice caught in my throat like a frightened fool instead of conveying strength and force. 


A look of mock hurt crossed his face and he laughed. “Fine. See you around, Doc.” 

He sauntered out, slowly, pausing before rounding the corner to look over his shoulder and wink.


In case it needs clarifying, this IS a work of fiction. 


122 thoughts on “Power Lines

  1. Ya know, for about ten seconds, I was like, “Oh shit!” Then I read on, and realized. Your wording when it comes to personal commentary is different than your fiction. Either way, fantastic! I’m waiting for more!

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  2. I was thinking as I was reading that this sure better be fiction! I was ready to see you pop him one! πŸ™‚ I was ready to pop him one myself! Could be due to the fact that I am more on edge this month due to the court date getting closer. I had found out something just this week that made me have to remind myself that I do not look good in the color orange! That’s the phrase me and my sister repeat back to each other over this time πŸ™‚
    Great job!

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  3. I know this is fiction, but did they really refer to the fact that you were a doctor during the trial? We were totally anonymous and never addressed except as a group, and I’ve served on both civil and criminal juries. After the trial, you can agree to talk to the lawyers or the press if you wish, but otherwise no one would know who you were. (K)

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  4. Oh holy hells YES THIS NEEDED CLARIFYING. Eesh, Victo! I was about to go steal myself a car and drive off to who-knows-where to drag you to safety!!

    Ok. Heart rate *beginning* to return to normal…

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  5. I was reading this and
    was taken in scared for
    I am blown away by the
    fact the whole courtroom
    knows you are a doctor?
    Creeps me out. Isn’t there
    a jury of your peers-
    where does profession
    enter here?

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  6. I picked up on the fiction part. It’s a great use of what you went through this week. Decades ago, my mother was part of a capitol murder jury. They handed down a death sentence. Then the Supreme Court decided it was cruel and unusual. All death row residents had to be taken back to the court and re sentenced. They brought the guy back to our home town and did this. He came up for parole multiple times, and the original jurors petitioned the courts to keep him locked up. The Supreme Court eventually reversed its stance, but they could not put anyone back on death row. He never did get out, but she lived in mortal fear that he would show up one day.

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  7. Great story but jut one more reason to hate Jury duty. When you live with someone who is in law enforcement, the fear of revenge from convicted people is a real concern. The secrecy of who knows who is a cop and where they live is not full proof. And the law official is always paranoid and hypervigilant. Not a fun way to live and very stressful for all.

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  8. About halfway through, I figured it was fiction because you have just recently been doing jury duty and he would not have had time to do his time yet. But that didn’t keep me from being scared. Yikes is right! Now, please write a different ending. Maybe he trips on his way out, or better yet, he soon finds himself in an emergency where he needs your medical care, wouldn’t that be interesting? Or you reveal your Wonder Woman suit under your lab coat and lasso him off to some chilly island where he has to behave and go to therapy every day for the rest of his life. But it’s fiction and can be anything, so how would YOU want it to end?

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  9. Another voice crying Next Chapter, please. Incidentally, I’ve done jury service twice in London – I was awed, fascinated, and loved it, the whole psychodrama of it, until we had to give in the verdict. Sickening responsibility, and, as you have pointed out, it gets personal too often.

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  10. I was not privy to your recent jury duty experience; missed it somehow. However, I DO remember you saying that certain REAL experiences mulled over in your mind come out in some form or other. As I was reading, I kept hoping it was the “other” ie. fiction. And the suspense came in tiny amounts….not overdone. Just a nice touch of creepy. Enough to get a “Phew!” from me, when I reached your disclaimer at the end. 😊

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  11. Dr. Dolor,

    You mentioned in one of the comments that you have an anxiety issue. I am a high-school-age aspiring physician who also has some weird anxiety things. Would you mind telling me if that affects your work? Did it hurt you in college and medical school? How do you deal with it now?

    I’m sorry, these questions are probably intrusive, and feel free to not answer. Thank you for your kindness.



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  12. Oh my goodness, talk about amazing writing – wow! I thought what the heck was happening until your post note. This was a great way to come back to reading your latest Victo, I mean really! Congrats on this one ~ good to see your writing again.

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