The Longest Ride

Columns on Alamo facade in San Antonio
“MOMMY! He hit me!!!” she wailed.

“No I didn’t!” he hissed back.

They both start hitting each other.

The elevator is full of men and women dressed in suits for some conference or another. Some turn and stare. Some laugh. Some pointedly avoid making eye contact. 

23 floors.

Just when you think they are old enough to get along in public, they prove you wrong. 


Because no one knows how to get under your skin quite like a brother or sister.


63 thoughts on “The Longest Ride

  1. So true! But kids can do it to you too. I was expecting my third and clambered aboard a bus with toddler, eighteen-month old, buggy, shopping etc. The bus was crowded (of course) when three-year old demanded in piercing tones: “Mummy, when am I going to have clean knickers?” Never have I so longed for a deep, dark hole!!

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  2. I love my brother dearly, but he can still get under my skin. However, I know where he’s coming from. We had a father that was psychologically abusive to him in particular. My father ignored me because I was a girl. This does something really nasty to a child.

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  3. The oldest always has to be the boss, too. My older brother still “big brothers” me. And my older daughter…suffice it to say that the younger one has an extra (and more demanding I might add) mother. (K)

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  4. Hahaha! This so cracks me up. My kids are often at each other’s throats, too. But, yeah, it does last forever. My brother and I rarely get mad at each other, but he still makes it his goal to aggravate me enough to get a punch on the arm. Then he’s happy.

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  5. I’m so sorry I found this so hilarious!! Just the thought of the reactions of the other adults on the elevator had me cracking up. Although when I was I don’t miss those days when my kids would embarrass me in public.

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      • Yes. My brothers and I fought all the time. But as we got older, we adored each other. I don’t think there was anything our parents did to make that happen, but we did have a lot of fun memories to fall back on. For our family that was mostly camping – nothing to do but play and have adventures (no technology). 🙂 Good luck!

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      • You make it happen by not getting too involved, but reminding them that no one else will ever love/take care of them like they’re sibling. They may fight each other, but woe be unto attacks their sibling. Family first.

        Will never stop “bickering (not possible.” But will lead to no greater friend.

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  6. OMG I love this 😂 I have an older brother and a younger sister; and although I am kind of the peace maker, I do get into these kind of fights as well. And the thing is, it starts from the smallest things hehehe.. . But I do love both of them very much even if we right like there is no tomorrow

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