The Resurrectionist

Rotting car partially buried in the mud

You clawed your way out
Of a moonlit grave
Through the clods of dirt 
Moistened with your own 
Bloody piss and tears
When he showed up once more,
Hand extended, offering immortality.
He insisted that you believe he
Was the one who loved you and
Raised you up from the dead
Promising, as he had before,
That he would never be 
The one to actually harm you.
Despite everything,
In spite of all of the cuts already made…
You believed.

*Resurrectionists exhumed bodies from fresh graves, then sold those corpses to local anatomists for dissection during the 18th and 19th centuries. They were also known as body snatchers. 


45 thoughts on “The Resurrectionist

      • Well, I was mostly quipping, but on the serious side, one reason I’m where I am now is due to a psychopath I got involved with that *probably* hasn’t killed anyone, but given the right circumstances… Speaking of psychopaths, I suppose there *is* a difference between a body snatcher and a p***y grabber…

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  1. That’s really well done. Good job.

    So….happy spring? I’m just teasing you,one never knows what to say to a proper body snatching post! I got to dissect a frog once, stitch up a pig’s leg, and poke about in a cow’s heart, but that is the extent of my macabre adventures. As gruesome as it all is, there’s really something mysterious going on within, don’t you think? I guess I have some compassion for the body snatchers. I still think, WTH were you people thinking? But still, inquiring minds wanted to know. šŸ™‚

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  2. As an agnostic, my first thought went there. How can you love me and put me through this pain? Then it went to an abuser. I could only imagine the look on a Resurrectionist’s face if one of the bodies turned out to be alive and took an outstretched hand. Sorry, twisted humor is on overdrive.

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  3. Hey Victo,

    I was captivated by the photograph….when seen at it’s full size, it is quite overwhelming heightening the sense of isolation and eeriness you mention. I felt quite anxious viewing it, lost a little in the image I think. I also got to wondering if the car were beyond resurrection, it looks as though it might be. I doubt there’d be much anatomy left to find I was curious about the open car door….did the driver just park up and walk away?

    Thank you for the excellent poem, I found it absorbing: touched with emotion and feeling as much historical reflection and ill-gotten gains from body snatching. I like the dynamic between the two.

    Talking of which….would you be familiar with the Body Worlds Exhibition and the process of plastination? Having been to an exhibition in London some years ago, I would thoroughly recommend the experience to all. I’m not certain I would have had the stomach to attend a historical public dissection. This is far more satisfactory, a spectacular from start to finish, the exhibits are fascinating and beautiful, their presence overpowering. They are also deliciously macabre, and always watching….

    Namaste šŸ™‚


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    • I went to one of those exhibitions and to be honest, it bothered me. It seemed strangely voyeuristic. So did gross anatomy but somehow that was OK, almost reverential. Having people pay money to see my very naked body on display would seem unholy somehow.

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      • Hey Victo,

        I regard the human body as reverential, a biological miracle existing as the apex form of human evolution. A body that comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes but each designed specifically to facilitate that individual’s purpose in life. Each body is a glorious celebration of life. What is there not to appreciate?

        I regarded the exhibition as Art, allowing myself to be amazed, to see beauty and not to feel any sense of voyeuristic excitement or repulsion…those thoughts was never there at all. I wasn’t in Amsterdam’s red light area. Art is in the eye of the beholder, as is beauty of course. The human body is miraculous, created by a master.

        God always sees us naked, inside and outside, it is an X-ray view not concerned with aesthetic or superficiality. I believe we all have similar capacity, and capability, to maintain much the same view of all life. Life is a glorious celebration. An Art form to be enjoyed in all its complexity.

        So would I have my body treated and displayed after my passing. Well why not….my body is an example of this centuries model, a milestone in evolution, and suitable for archiving intact. We record and exhibit our history in many other fascinating ways, so why not do the same with the human body now that we have technology to enable that to happen? Perhaps in time such exhibits will help to eliminate prejudices by foregrounding the fact we are all the same biologically. It is only our cultures, philosophies notions and ideas that finally separate us from harmony.

        Namaste šŸ™‚


        P.S: Yesterday was International Day of Happiness šŸ™‚ I trust you were smiling šŸ™‚

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