Butterfly on plum blossoms

Butterfly supping

Wings away to the next bloom

Drinking honeyed spring


53 thoughts on “Flutter

  1. Snow. We still have feets of snow. Multiple feets… 😦 There is no more sun. There are no bright green leaves. There is only snow, and despair, soul rending cold and misery… :::misanthropes enjoy a good dollop of hyperbole at times:::

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  2. ‘Butterfly supps; Wings to the next bloom; Drinks honeyed spring.’ I could not help myself! It just sounds better in present tense – to my ear. Realise if you were my own doctor I would not adjust your poetry ..


  3. “Honeyed spring” is wonderfully penned. I tasted the sweetness yesterday, but now on awakening to the first day of calendar Spring, the cold hand of winter is back. Hope you have a wonderful week, Victo.

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  4. Besides, “supping” sounds so much better than “supps.” And it leads gently and musically in the next word, “wings.” I’m with you, Dr. V. The “-ing”s are essential to the rhythm and sense of action. (As if I know about poetry. . . I’m just hearing things.)

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