Doctor’s Day

Cute butterfly on a blossom

Doctor’s Day was yesterday. Did you know that?

Caught me completely by surprise.

It used to be a big thing ten years ago. The hospital hung banners up and handed out logo emblazoned umbrellas, bags, pens, and whatnot. My staff signed a big card the office manager picked up and a new potted plant would now sit on my desk. Drug reps dropped off cards and swag. There would be emails celebrating doctors sent from the suits. Well not really from the suits. From their secretaries. The point was, though, you just could not escape what day it was. 

To be honest, all of the hoopla back then made me feel very uncomfortable. 

This is not why I am doing this. I am not here for the accolades or the potted plants and I resent the insinuation that these things matter to me. Please leave me alone.

Each year it is less and less of a big deal. This year? Silence. Not a single frickin word from anyone. In fact, my only clue was a post from someone else on WordPress. 

Yesterday I told a woman she has metastatic ovarian cancer. I told a man that he now has diabetes and we developed a treatment plan together. I did a newborn visit on a precious two week old baby. I cried with a woman over her divorce and saw a man whose mother just died from the same disease he now has. Then I watched the last few minutes of my son’s karate class and picked up cupcakes for my daughter’s class party. 

This is life. My life. Every day. 

And you know what? Despite any bitching and complaining that I do here, I really, really love my job. It is such an honor and a privilege to care for people, to be there when they need help. THAT is what keeps us going… keeps me going.

In truth, I’d do this job for free. Just don’t tell the suits that I said that. πŸ˜‰


115 thoughts on “Doctor’s Day

  1. You won the contest. Find something to do that you would do for free and get paid for it. Do you know how rare that is? This morning I made a list of all the thing I wish I could’ve done if I’d had the courage to try. I’m thinking of posting it as a warning to others. But you can skip that post. You won the contest.

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  2. I work for a hospital and didn’t have a clue it was doctor’s day. Guess the celebrations are going mum everywhere. I’m celebrating with a head cold and didn’t go pester my PCP with it. A universal YW. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you still love your job, and that you still have the connection with your patients (and patience?). There isn’t a perfect job out there. Yours has a lot of frustrations, and bureaucratic shenanigans that are out of your control but affect everything you do, and I know that can be overwhelming at times. I’ve known several physicians who have chucked it after a while, when the the cons outweighed the pros. That you’ll listen to someone about their divorce, even though there isn’t a CPT for that? Yay. So here’s a belated high-five atcha, thanks for being there, glad you are still glad you are, and may you be so for many more years to come. The snarky bug photo on the neener-neener “it’s spring!” background? See my blog post comments. πŸ˜›

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  3. It’s so great hearing that you love your job as the opinion I have held for some years now is that doctors are expected to do so much administrivia that they cannot spend time with patients and if they can’t afford to go out on their own, the burden of “suits” telling them how few minutes they can actually be with patients one on one is perhaps one of the issues driving them out of practice. I keep hearing there will be a shortage of doctors and there will be PAs instead. My own son may be a PA and his girlfriend is hoping to be a doctor. So… I will remain confused by the entire medical profession being under the thumbs of too many business interests to allow docs to do what they love. Work with patients. And you’re not alone. I left education years ago largely due to everything except working with the kids. The kids were great. The administrivia, rules, and paperwork? Not so much.

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  4. There is no Day for what I do at work, but I really enjoy it, too. I’d not care for any hoopla if there were a Day — However, I would welcome potted plants. πŸ˜€
    Happy Belated Doctors Day πŸ™‚

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  5. Well, there you go, Victo, you’ve taught me something new – Doctor’s Day! I did NOT know of such a thing. And you and Joey and I share the same view of the “forced” aspect of assigned Days to things – for example, Valentne’s – Isn’t it more FUN to do something just because? Exactly. And I add myself on to your list of many readers who feel inspired by your words, your work, your caring for people in need, and your curiosity and interest regarding other bloggers… replying to every comment on your posts and visiting regularly on theirs. Much appreciated, Victo! ❀ to you.

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  6. Bless you. Dr Victo. You’re the best.

    I detested nurses day. The folks in the Ivory Tower tried to make it seem “they” cared. I always felt that they didn’t give one wit about the peons. Therefore Nurse’s Day meant nothing to me.

    Keep on being the excellent MD that you are who also possesses compassion. You’ll never go wrong.

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  7. Aww! This touched my heart! You definitely have the heart that every Dr. needs! Your patients are blessed and anytime you want to move to my small town in Pennsylvania to be my Doctor, you are more than welcome to!
    I can give you plenty of potted plants for your office πŸ˜‰

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  8. I tried responding from another address and it did not work. Hmmmm!

    I am no nurse and certainly no doctor, but I β€œdoctor” people who often just need a hug. Poor women sometimes show me their severely cracked and blackened feet and ask what they can do to make them whole again. Knowing their family likely shares one bathroom with four or more other families, I try to talk about sanitation and who is responsible for cleaning that space. They squat to wash clothes on that same floor, so I talk about the germs that reside in filthy, continuously wet cement. Some even wash their cooking vessels in that same space, but I shut my eyes and eat the food they prepare for me on their special days–counting on the flame to purify it and praying, praying, praying.

    Yesterday I tried to help a young woman find relief from her vericose veins–suggesting she just lie down on the floor three or four times a day with her feet up against a wall. I could go on and on, but I won’t bore you with the details. Last night I got a message from my niece saying she was apprehensive about her upcoming trip to Ethopia as part of a medical missions effort. I had to smile as I answered her message, knowing she would go again and again. When the needy ask for help, we have to respond. Sometimes they need genuine medical care and sometimes just a sympathetic ear, but we have to spend time with them. Whether rich or poor, there are such needy souls in the USA too.

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    • It was all silly. How do you show the proper level of gratitude for a hospital logo emblazoned tiny umbrella that would be useless in a real storm so as not to offend anyone and come off as a bitchy ingrate? Save the money, put it toward that uninsured patient’s bill why doncha?

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  9. I thought about you yesterday. I wish I would have known it was Doctor’s Day. A day or two ago I felt a sore throat…oh no…two days later called my doctor. He was not there. OMG! So saw one of his partners, whom I had seen before. Nice guy. It is a virus…the flu. Here’s the thing…it will become a sinus infection as it has for decades. I usually see my regular Doc, suggest that its sinus and he says “let’s take a look.” Yep, its a sinus infection. Usually I wait until I’m ready to die, but this time I went in very early. But being a different doctor I hesitate to blurt out…”I have a sinus infection and can’t take antibiotics and need a shot of…whatever.” So I’m cool with it. Doc C finds a new cough syrup that won’t make me sicker, and prescribes a “just in case” antibiotic prescription to be filledl IF I get sicker. We both knew that would be the case. (This is the same doctor that I pulled onto the bed with me at the hospital when I had a (possible) heart attack and I was so glad to see someone that I sort of knew in the midst of a panic attack.) They put me in a Steven King-ish room on a floor that was being renovated…spooky…

    So went to my pharmacy that I’ve used for 50 years. They don’t have the cough syrup and besides, my insurance company no longer uses CVS. What!!! One would they think they could have told me…
    but if they notified me I didn’t get the message.

    So that is my Doctor story…

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  10. you’re amazing and a gift to your patients, as well as an inspiration. I know you meant every word of what you said- not some BS hollywood phony acceptance speech. And whether its a hallmark holiday or not- you are celebrated by your patients and fans here(they keep multiplying like drug resistant bacteria ^_^) I mean there’s so many random holidays now- including “national grilled cheese” day. Unless they plan on having them fall from the sky- i don’t want to hear about it!!

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  11. What a wonderful post. True and straight from your heart. It feels good to do what you love; I know. Teaching preschool has tears, anger, love, moments of wonder…much like your days. We are both lucky.

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  12. I feel like if you are doing what you are meant to do, your calling, then you don’t really need a “day” and you don’t live by or define yourself by your “title”. You do what you were meant to do. I’ve been a reverend for 17 years. I don’t need the title, I didn’t need to be called a chaplain when I was practicing as a chaplain. I just brought my heart and soul to the people that I loved that I could make a change in. And that is what you have done.
    I am instestingly on a huge study all over the world. My doctor goes my “Heinz” His associate goes by “Carsten” I don’t even know their last names and they do not require a Doctor title although they are the best neuromuscular specialists in the world. They have presented my case in Switzerland, Germany, England, all over the world. THey have earned their title and yet they are not defined by it. THey are defined by the persistence to find the answer to my case. That matters most to them. So yeah. Doctor’s day…..It’s like Grandmother’s day or any other named day that half the world doenst’ even know about and it does not matter. What matters is what you do, in the presence of God and those you are helping and that is it.

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  13. I had not heard of Doctor’s day before now. You should know that you are always appreciated for the hard work and dedication that you give your patients, often at the cost of your own time with your family.
    Thank you for everything that you do. πŸ’–

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  14. It’s no surprise that you love your work – the stories you tell, the caring for others comes through. It’s a skill and profession that not too many would do. If it weren’t for dedicated and devoted doctors, like yourself, our world would be a very sick and neglected place. Happy Doctor’s Day and thank you for all you do!!

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  15. I didn’t know there was a Doctor’s Day although it shouldn’t be a surprise as we have a “Day” for just about everything. It takes a special type of person to be able to do what you do on a daily basis and your love for what you do shines through in your words. I appreciate you!! πŸ’—

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  16. There was a sign on the way out of my doctor’s office indicating that it was Doctor’s Day and all. I kinda wondered if a disgruntled employee hung it up since it was only noticeable after the visit was over.

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  19. I believe I’ve found a doctor (since my move) much like you. She seems to truly care, and she has her own family life that she shares with me a bit. I’ve found that now that I’ve reached a ripe(er) age, doctors, lawyers, dentists are all younger than me, so not only do they like hearing my stories, they also enjoy telling me their own.
    But the point is, if I’d known it was doctor’s day, I would have sent YOU and my new doctor a lovely ‘thank you’ card. xo

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  20. Mum’s the word. Those “days” normally piss me off. International women’s day? What only one day in the year? πŸ˜‰
    (Is there an international market researcher day? Thank God I don’t think so)
    Be good Doc.

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  21. ” …It is such an honor and a privilege to care for people, to be there when they need help. THAT is what keeps us going…” This is so true. This is what keeps us going. I’m glad I came across this piece. You write wonderfully.

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