Bids against the sky

Delicate tissues

Age and lackluster foreplay

Brittle, dry, in pain


64 thoughts on “Dyspareunia

  1. My experience has been that many women in the USA feel dyspareunia is a signal to stop having sexual relations i.e., “God is punishing me” kind of an issue. When I say that sexuality is a part of being human at any age we start to have a bit of a dialog. Yes, this is fixable but I fail to understand that my patients have no “God punishment” issues surrounding appendicitis so why this? Things that come out and are freely discussed without judgment can be handled (or fixed). I try to make sure that my patients feel non-judged and comfortable with any human issues.

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  2. Having one enjoy and one hate because of pain, does not make for a long term relationship. You have to talk and be patient – easier said than done – but if you want the relationship to last and for both to enjoy intimate times together, then you have to talk and understand each other’s needs and, if necessary, seek medical advice if your problems persist.

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  3. Five years of celibacy plus menopause gave me a rude awakening when the sparks started to fly again. But practice, patience, and strategies from a physical therapist who specializes in women’s issues helped tremendously. The term “incurable” is sometimes misleading. There’s always hope.

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    • I hate the word incurable for this. A good specialist has tons of tricks up their sleeves. Sometimes just olive oil is enough. Sometimes you need creams, therapy, dilators, or other forms of professional help. But there is help.

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  4. Oh no. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who had to look this up. But now I feel like I’m in pain (sort of a sympathy type thing). I’ve been celibate since my divorce back in 2010 and prior to that menopause. What are the stats on this condition?

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      • It is not in the least. I saw a very good specialist for years, but she stopped taking my insurance plus she was a bit far away (in the city, and I HATE driving in the city). I’m hoping I can find an acceptable one in my area. Thank you for bringing attention to it!

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  5. Sensitive subject,
    And Victo handles it with
    Insight and Caring.

    P.S. I guessed what it was, based on your haiku words, but, I decided to look up your title word anyway. You know, so I could learn a new medical term. 😀 By bringing this subject a bit more into the forefront, as you say, hopefully it will help people not to be afraid to talk about it, if they need help.
    And it was nice to see a haiku from you!

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  6. I hope this was inspired a little by me, and all your other patients in the same position. It something that needs to be talked about more (and I have more to say in a future blog). One doctor said that another patient just decided not to have sex anymore (in her 60s) – did she mean that for me too? For me, even wearing formal pants is uncomfortable, as is long walks, so I am willing to try (almost) anything. Thank you for commenting, most beautifully, on a very common subject yet rarely talked about.

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