Old stone building, decaying

Memories stolen

A shell of the former self

Left behind to rot


40 thoughts on “Emptied

  1. Sad to see. Especially when
    it is someone you love
    and have known for years.
    Could be a partner, parent,
    patient, or friend. The hurt
    remains as you watch the
    slow progression.
    Why can’t they find an

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  2. Hey Victo,

    Distilled, stilled, silent and haunting, like waiting for an echo that never arrives.

    The image is perfect, the post scintillating. One of my favourites, thank you.

    Hoping all is well on your side of the small puddle.

    Namaste πŸ™‚


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  3. Since I have passed my prime, I am seeing more and more people with memory loss. Before I was fifty, nobody had dementia. Why? Was it because I was not aware or because there were fewer cases back then? Both my parents had memories like a steel trap right through to the end of their lives, but recently I have witnessed so many with problems. They are pitiful. One dear soul seemed to have something “in there” but was constantly searching for words to express what she was thinking or feeling.

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  4. Breathtaking! Thank you for your powerful tribute to dementia’s personal tragedy. The photo/word combination is Spot On!

    After regularly visiting my mother-in-law in the nursing home for the entire eight year course of her severe dementia, I learned a valuable lesson: even when a person has lost all ability to speak or apparently to think normally, there’s something inside each of us, some indescribable spark beyond conscious thought, that is left of who we really are. Is it our soul? No matter how debilitated a shell of their former self a person may be, none of us loses the need to be loved. We owe it to our loved ones to keep them a part of our lives. It’s only right.

    Imagine the gripping photo above with flowers planted around the house and children playing nearby. Would the feeling be different? The worst tragedy is our selfish abandonment.

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