NYC skyline from Rockefeller Center
Great silvery plaques

Thickened surfaces piled high

An itch you can’t scratch 


46 thoughts on “Psoriatic

    • I took almost 2,000 photos! It is somewhat embarrassing to admit that but there were fantastic images everywhere just begging to be captured, even the crumbling tile work in the subway! As for haikus about psoriasis, I have no idea where this stuff comes from. Silvery plaques are how we describe psoriatic lesions and looking out from the Rockefeller observation deck that was where my mind immediately went.


  1. I looked first at the photograph. The strict vertical lines of those buildings are seemingly reduced to drawings by contrast with the assembly of massive weather-worn slabs overlooking the city like something from prehistory that was contemplating a return,

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    • Then I read the words. They fit perfectly. New York, like it’s inhabitants–like all human life–vulnerable to time and the unwelcome but inevitable changes that happen. The medical image helped to make the image and its potential meaning more personal. Nice work! I wonder how many persons who stand on that observation deck see what you showed us.

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      • Thank you! I, too, wonder if anyone else has thought the same thing standing up there. Honestly, I figure if I can dream it up it has most certainly already been thought of by someone else a dozen times over. I am not sure there is much original thought nowadays, just who gets the biggest response from social media. 😉

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