To The Rock Star…

Radio City Music Hall in New York City

“Don’t tell Dad I broke the plate, OK?”

“But it was an accident, sweetheart.”

“I know he won’t be mad but I still don’t want him to know.”

He cares what you think about him.

“Mom, I miss dad.”

“He’ll be back before you know it.”

“Can we set a place for him at the table even though he isn’t here?”


Your presence is missed when you are away.

“Mom, I let her have the rest of my Gatorade even though I really wanted it.”

“Because she wanted it, too?”

“Yeah. It was the right thing to do.”

He is paying attention to the example you set.

So… thank you. Thank you for being such a great dad!


42 thoughts on “To The Rock Star…

  1. “He cares what you think about him.” It took me way too long to understand this. Sports talk is not sufficient. Nor is joking around. Nor even is praise, or silent approval. I learned these behaviors from my own dad, who probably had learned them from his.

    I wish I had just said (not just to my children, but to my parents, especially my father) what I thought of them, told them I care. I’m doing better now as a grandfather, second-chance dad, caregiver in the deepest sense. Not exactly rock star material. More like the sweet old songs from the Bing Crosby/Frank Sinatra days

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