Retrograde Amnesia

Interior of Ellis Island hospital

Here I am still trapped within

The walls of your memory.

Neither one of us is free.

This, our original sin,

Sinned again and still again.

Damned hearts bleeding from afar,

Ever tracing their faded scar…

True love never broken


I refuse to wake beside you;

For I no longer want to.

No longer will I wait, open

In the morning sun’s shadow,

Simply because you remembered me so…

Your final hold now broken.


Photo taken at the Ellis Island hospital ruins a few weeks ago.


35 thoughts on “Retrograde Amnesia

  1. we once visited an exhibit in Spain (I think) that featured various instruments of torture used by the Spanish Inquisition…your photos of Ellis Island remind me, although a different place, different time, different century. There is something heinous about these places of terror in which the paradox of inhumanity in the guise of helping people flourished. Sometimes, as in the U. S. Civil War period, medicine skills learned to save and alleviate suffering ended up just the opposite.

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      • last week I had a minor meltdown at the pharmacy and told my daughter I was going to complain to my “online doctor friend” about my experience, in a nutshell, the insurance company dropped my lifelong pharmacy and I had to go to a new one…the doc had called in my scrip; they didn’t have it; the insurance co wouldn’t pay for it anyway; so then so stamped my feet a few times and went home, called the doc’s office and they called in a new one…to the wrong pharm! It cost $70…I said like-hell; they prescribed another one which was only $22.
        I was rude but I apologized to the pharm clerk, it wasn’t HER fault….then when I went in with my daughter in tow they said “oh crap she’s back with her daughter the nurse!” I was nice that time though… thank you for reading this…or not. 🙂 whew, what a relief

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