Musician under a bridge in Central Park

Faded sounds now join

A ringing in the distance

Drowning out your voice

Demand they stop mumbling 

No one hears you anymore


42 thoughts on “Presbycusis

  1. This is weird, I don’t think I’ve ever heard/read the word “presbycusis” before, and now I see it in your post, not more than 20 minutes after I read it in an article about what to expect as you age. If I were superstitious, this would mean a lot to me… 🙂

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  2. I never knew the name but I feel that everything I say must be repeated three times. Each time using different words in the hope they’ll be heard. Each time louder. Eventually the reply is “Don’t shout I’m not deaf!” Where are the hearing aids? Well he says he’s saving money on batteries and doesn’t need them at home anyway. Men.

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  3. I like when I learn medical terminology here, especially because if I don’t know them, I don’t have them. Spoken like a true neurotic. I hope you heard me, I’m a bit on the high side.
    I did actually know this was a thing, but not the word.

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  4. You know when you go into a forest at night and all you can hear are millions of tiny insects making a continuous noise. Well Doc, that’s what it’s like all the time. My Doc calls in tinnitus . I call it tinny itis.
    And it’s ‘cos I am aging as well.

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    • Thank you! If I ever go back I will print this one out and give it to that woman if she is there. I don’t generally include people in the photos I publish here on the blog out of respect and privacy for them but you cannot really see her face in this shot. I could have stood there and listened all day.


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