Marie Curie quote

The fear of the unknown…

If I understood that my last call week would consist of only three calls for the entire week I would have had a lot less fear. In FACT, if I knew ahead of time that I would have exactly one hundred calls I would still have had less fear. 



51 thoughts on “Enlightenment 

  1. Well if you just resolve yourself to expect/prepare the worst- and know you can handle THAT, then everything else comes as a pleasant surprise! As a social worker – mondays are the worst. I expect to hear about who readmitted, who relapsed, who’s in jail, etc. But when I come in… and that voicemail light is not on… its the greatest gift!

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    • See? I find myself relegated to the house just trying to keep my mind occupied. Last weekend I made and canned a ton of grape jelly so I can at least have something delicious to show for all of the angst. 🙂


  2. Worry is such a habit. Well-worn brain pathways and all that. I still do it even after retiring from my worrisome counseling job. I was really worried this morning, but this afternoon, the sky was so blue and a cool front came in and lifted my spirit. Enjoying the outdoors or focusing on a pleasant task can give us little bits of freedom. Now, the worry is in the background dozing.

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  3. Being a daughter of a railroad man, and then marrying a railroad man and having a child who married a railroad man, my whole entire life has been lived “on call”. No one understands that when I would say that I had no idea if we would be able to go/do/attend/participate etc. because my husband was on call and would only have a two hour notice and we lived 40 minutes away from his terminal. If we really wanted to chance it, we would take two cars and he would bring his work stuff with him just in case. And then he would be gone anywhere from 12 hours to 36 hours. But the hardest part about living like that is when he would call in to see how the “boards” looked (train dispatchers could see where the trains were) and they would tell him nothing would be showing up for at least 12 hours or more and he would stay up to have some time with family and just as soon as he went to bed, the phone would ring and he would have to be to work in two hours. Not answering the phone could get you fired. I cannot tell you how many times he was up for 24-36 hours straight. Being on call is seriously stressful for the whole family!

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    • I can completely relate to that! When I had my son I knew I had to stop doing hospital work so at least my call is all by phone now. People often fail to realize that doctors are not the only ones on call. Props to your husband! And to you. 🙂


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  5. “I shall not fear”. 🙂 Have you printed it yet?
    Where was that photo taken? Loire castles?
    I have two chairs (from my grandfather’s) identical to the one in the very front.
    (Unfit to sit on but very pretty and sentimentally invaluable)

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