Tree reflected in a puddle at Central Park in New York City

Heat is magnified 

By the sound of cicadas 

Excessive sweating 


50 thoughts on “Hyperhidrosis 

      • What? You don’t like the music of nature? Me, I’ve always been amazed at that sound, how those little things do it, what kind of instrument they are playing, and who’s conducting. I can’t say I like it, but hey, de gustibus non disputandum’st.

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  1. Oh man. I live with that. I’ve had two surgeries to “help.” I think some of it comes with anxiety. Of course the heat doesn’t help either.
    Sorry it’s so hot there too. Can you jump in a pool somewhere?

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  2. Weird summer all over the country, especially in the Northwest where they never need A/C The Northeast where I lie has been rainy, humid and had 3 heat waves. Hoping August settles down into nice weather and no hurricanes.

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  3. I love reflections in water so particularly like this photo.
    Our weather in Wales is pretty normal right now – one day hot the next day cold. I’d love to have a bit more summer than we get, but can’t tolerate extremes of temperature cold or hot.

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  4. The older I get, the less tolerance for heat. I am looking forward to fall, winter, even snow and ice…gasp. Years ago, I was sure we’d retire to Florida, Arizona…now, no way ! And those cicadas are thriving here, too…the song of summer. Hang in there, stay in the A/C.

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  5. Thank heavens for A/C! Hubs got put on a new drug that had him pourings sweat – finally got him off it. While I was in Europe in June, I sweat buckets each morning. Not sure why – happens at home, too, but I’m not usually heading out with a suitcase early each morning..

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  6. You are one of THOSE bloggers..
    I had to look the word up..
    You strain my brain when you are scaring the daylights out of me or making me cry 😬

    But your heart is so big, I can’t help but read, when time permits.. 😊

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  7. Oh Im so glad you wrote this! They came out early this year. I thought I was going crazy when I heard them…but, nope, they’re here and buzzing and dont care that I wasnt expecting them for another few weeks. Ugh! 😉

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