Ellis Island hospital

Graciously bestowing 
You spilled your precious seed
Upon my barren ground
Ignorant and unknowing
An unfulfilled wanton need
Your attempt at marking 
A territory unfound
Traversing the open sea

The ownership unclaimed
My body left untamed
Believing you were deceived
I’m naked beneath the gown
Empty loss echoes down 
Long abandoned corridors
Infertility finally decreed
By the sterile orators 

Devoid of progeny 
The solemn sodomy
Repeats itself again
Another painful bleed
An unwelcome visitor
Testifing silently
Before the Inquisitor
Sounding the final amen

A viscous self loathing
Clogs the rusted plumbing
Magnified through your eyes
Value is forever drowned
Held down by a flood of lies
I’m merely something to breed
A conduit for birthing
Your immortality 


70 thoughts on “Infertility 

  1. Powerful! If I were an editor, I’d put this in an Am Lit textbook for use in high schools and colleges. Sure to generate important discussions about art as well as about life. The scathing irony of the first and last lines ties together the other strong images of male arrogance (“Graciously bestowing,” “marking/a territory,” “sterile orators,” “the Inquisitor”), and the fact that these words are spoken by an individual who, though mistreated, can express her anger this way: it provides provides hope — that she is growing beyond victimhood into a fuller self and that he might possibly (hopefully) be shocked into understanding that ego and sex are a dangerous and destructive mix.

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