Thursday Thoughts from the Throne #2

Shadows of children on the pavement

I am sure everyone at one time or another while in the throws of a deeply passionate kiss has found themselves gasping for air… not because of how passionate that kiss is, but rather to keep from suffocating on the great globs of thick, nasty, post nasal drip that keep gathering at the back of your throat, reaccumulating as soon as you swallow it down. 

And you pray they cannot taste it, too….


What the hell is Thursday Thoughts From the Throne? Glad you asked! Check out the explanation here and feel free to join in with your own.


86 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts from the Throne #2

  1. The photograph says a lot, both in itself — i,e.,freedom and conformity, playing in unison, look-alike shadows and unique persons — but also about the contrast between movie-like images of “romance” (how do kids learn about suck-face or mouth-meals) and real-life experiences of desire and its contradictions. Without the photograph, the text’s meaning might get swallowed in “ugh.” Great post, in spite of its, well, ugh.

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  2. I just so love how REAL you are! And since you brought up the topic of nasal matter, I must ask this question….can you get sick from eating your own boogers? I have four grandkids….need I say more???

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