Thursday Thoughts From The Throne #3

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The nice thing about your loved one continuing to ignore your advice about going to the ER for their severe right lower quadrant abdominal pain until their appendix eventually ruptures is that in a few weeks when it is clear they will live and the post op pain subsides (you have to be nice to them until then) you will have ammunition to use for the rest of their life… if you are the kind of person who does that sort of thing.



79 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts From The Throne #3

  1. A ruptured appendix is bad (speaking from experience)…but it was my doctors who failed to diagnose it. Beware of patients without “classic” symptoms (but you know that).
    But no excuse for ignoring it! You could maybe toss in a “little” reminder now and then…(K)

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  2. I’m the other side of this coin. I have that ongoing IBS thing, and there is this wicked (not in a good way) Norovirus in this part of New England which I keep getting and it makes the IBS worse. So I had that for a few days (12 pound weight loss! in a few days!) and then the discomfort changed. And moved. And went to the lower right quadrant. I Googled like mad and got worried. I recalled my A&P. I finally decided to go to the ER. The doctor there wasn’t sure, so ordered an MRI, which maxed out my deductible and now because I work for the hospital that did the MRI, I owe them money for years. So, I *should* be happy it was a false alarm, but I’m kinda like “I’m paying good money for that MRI, I should at least HAVE something! (Ikr?) I think my boss thinks I am a hypochondriac. (Welcome to the pencil pushers in health care.) I was THRILLED to see an MSN splash page article something like “The seven symptoms that should make you go to the ER” (because every blog, every magazine, etc now has to have articles that are lists of things). Yay! My gut symptoms were there in all their glory to go to the ER. I *almost* sent the article to my boss, but figured that wasn’t the best move I could make. Tempting though.

    And, hellyeah! Zomg. This is terrific ammo for future things! You could write one of those list articles about how many ways you can use this against (errrrrrrm, for, for…) your loved one. “Thirteen ways in which being right can be used to…” 😀 If you were that sort of person….

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    • There is a lot second guessing involved in abdominal pain and if we all rushed off to the hospital at every twinge, we’d be staggering under the debt. There are times when it is warranted, as in your case. Generally when you are diaphoretic and unable to stand it is time to go… I like having the anvil to hang over someone’s head, though. 😉

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  3. I feel for your loved one. Belly pain sucks. I can’t wait until my medical bills start coming in. I only went to the ER as a last resort. I wish they’d done the CT scan there. They assumed it was infectious and let me run to the restroom all night long because I needed to “clear the toxins out”. Now that I know it’s acute diverticulitis I’d like to smack that ER doctor.

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    • Hmmmm. I think it is in our DNA. A desire for alpha dog status and all that, evolutionary. But the nose rubbing holds more power if it is used sparingly. THAT skill, restraint, is a learned behavior.


  4. Mawahaha! Problem is that my loved one wouldn’t hesitate to ignore the medical advice again even after something like that happened.

    Stubborn as hell.

    Glad your loved one is okay and you are now equipped with ammunition. 😉

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  5. I’m sorry, I had to laugh. You are so funny in that dry, subtle way. 🙂 I remember buying a kitchen towel that said “I married Mr. Right. I just didn’t know his first name was always”. Unfortunately, he only thought he was right. I just finally let him find out the hard way how not right he was. Always. 🙂 Ammunition only works if they realize they were mistaken. Like NEVER.

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